Thursday, June 26, 2014

OOTD: Miami Street Style + Coconut Grove Snapshots

My friend and fashion blogger extraordinaire, Annie Vazquez of The Fashion Poet, put on her photog hat and snapped some cool street style pictures of me a few weeks back.

I'm my worst critic, but I kinda love the look and feel of these two pictures.  These were going to be used for an anticipated project that never came to fruition.  In the end it didn't matter, because I got to hang with my girl, and laugh the afternoon away.

Mostly making fun of myself.
While waiting at the bus stop.
You know how I do.

What I Wore:
Navy blue shift dress c/o Gap (similar, similar, similar)
Statement necklace: DSW
Cross body bag: c/o Asos (similar) (similar)
Miscellaneous Evil Eye Wrap Bracelet 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Brunch with French Connection

I attended a brunch at SoHo House, hosted by French Connection on Saturday.  We enjoyed prosecco, french toast, delicious eggs, and amazing quinoa salad courtesy of Cecconi's.  I love the combination indoor / outdoor setting at this restaurant; the space is built around trees that have small little lights strung on them giving the entire area a cool and pretty vibe.

So many of my blogger sisters were in attendance, and it was an awesome opportunity to get to know French Connection a little better.  I love events like this because they're casual and relaxed - there's no stress involved.  

Just a bunch of girls, dressed in our French Connection best :)

Miami Brunch Bloggers Lawyer Miami
Netty Lawyer Miami Fashion Blogger

Monday, June 16, 2014

Style File: Kendall Jenner's MMVA Dress by Fausto Puglisi

Kendall Jenner artfully sewed herself into a Fausto Puglisi slit gown to help host the MMVA awards with her sister.  She's been modeling since the age of 14, with success.  She does both print, and runway.

Why then, the apparent need for his: 

kendall jenner mmva dress

Discuss your thoughts on this dress.  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beauty File: La Mer Facial, Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland Mall

I had a the most relaxing mid-week experience at Saks, Dadeland a few months back.  I, like everyone else, welcome anything that can help me leave the work stress for a while, especially when that  something is La Mer.  You all may not actually know this little beauty secret, but most major beauty counters at large department stores offer complimentary facials with brand aestheticians.

I arrived at the La Mer counter, inside of Saks and chatted with Aleta Valdes, who has been with the brand for quite a while.  She definitely knows the ins and outs of the products and can help introduce you to the brand if you're new to it.  I was then taken to a small side area behind the makeup counters.  There are several spa / facial rooms, hidden back there!  The rooms at Dadeland are undergoing a complete renovation and they will be new and freshly done in July of this year.

la mer evens skin tone dark spots

My facialist was Magdalena, who I found to be really sweet and knowledgeable.   It was so relaxing!! Because they don't do extractions at this location (Saks, Bal Harbor does, FYI), she supplemented the facial with a really soothing upper body and neck massage (maaajor plus).  The applications of the products was done with the brush you see in the picture above.  The products and applicators were chilled, which added to the relaxation factor.

La mer creme de la mere fashion blog
The cult classic, Creme de La Mer, was developed by a NASA Physicist named Max Huber, to treat severe chemical burns.  It literally re-generates the skin and aids in cellular turnover.  In other words: it's expensive, because it's got good stuff in it.

While the facials are  technically complimentary, it is expected that a customer purchase an item after the beauty treatment (but it is not required).  I've been using the La Mer 'The Tonic' as an after cleansing toner. It helps balance out the effects of the Miami humidity and the oily skin factor.

A price friendly alternative to The Tonic is Neutrogena's toner, which is alcohol free.

If you're interested in booking a facial:
Aleta Valdes - La Mer, Saks: 305-798-0709

Sunday, June 8, 2014

McDonald's South Beach, Miami + McDCouture

Myself, along with Annie, Steffy & Daniela were asked by McDonald's to be guest judges at a really cool and creative event that took place last week.  The McDonald's on Lincoln road has been totally revamped; the store has recently undergone a huge renovation where they have completely redone the design. There are digital menus, new flooring, tables, chairs, and expanded seating areas to accommodate the South Beach crowds.

Students from Miami International University of Art & Design (which will always be the Art Institute, to me) were asked to design outfits using mostly McDonald's wrappers, paper goods and cartons.

The creativity the students displayed was incredible.  They really outdid themselves.  Everyone worked so hard on their designs, and it showed.  I could not believe how these guys were able to conceptualize gowns, skirts, and hats out of the yellow cheeseburger wrapper used in a Happy Meal.  It was so fun to watch and judge.

After quite a bit of deliberation amongst us judges, we decided on look number 5 as our winner, with look number 1 coming in a close second.

At the Judging table: Annie myself and Daniela 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

OOTD: Miami Representing + Fox House Miami + Furor Moda

You guys know that I love to support local Miami businesses, especially when those local businesses are awesome clothing boutiques with fashion savy ladies at their helm.  Fox House  is located near the shops at Midtown, and has a great, affordable selection of fashion forward clothing.  You can shop their selection online, which includes a cool vintage section, or you can stop by in person to browse their perfectly curated boho-chic pieces.

netty del miami fashion blogger

I'm also a fan of Furor Moda, an online shop run by Tati, a local business minded gal who has a flair for design as well.  Tati stocks Furor with  flowy, vibrant pieces.  She also has a hand in designing some of the merchandise she sells.  My favorite "Adventure With Me" Tee has become kind of a local in the know catch phrase.  And yep, you guessed it, she was behind that little phrase.

I put this outfit together, not realizing that almost every single piece, except my shoes, was from a local business.  Literally, everything but my shoes!  It's all intentionally oversized and comfy, with a messy pony tail that has a ton of texture thanks to my favorite dry shampoo (Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray).

Thanks to Meli for snapping these shots in her backyard.  I was helping her film a vlog for her geeky online fashion vlog called The Fangirl Diaries.  Here's the final video.

fashion blog fox house miami tobi

Monday, June 2, 2014

Reveal Your Best Self: Nair Shower Power Max

Today is June 2nd, which means that we're already half way through this year!  2014 has been tough for both myself and those close to me, so I'm using this upcoming Summer to take a minute, and refocus.  I have a couple of changes that I've implemented that have helped me along the way.

As trivial as this may sound,  changing up your beauty and health routine can really assist in giving you a mood overhaul, in a positive way.

I used to drink plenty of water before and stopped doing so within the last year: that's coming back!  I picked up my tennis racket from my parents house (progress; maybe I'll eventually play again).  I've also changed up my beauty routine.  Sleep!  I had forgotten what that was this year and now, with the help of a new bed, I found my normal sleep patterns again.  I have also started using a lot of products that make my life easier: moisturizer with sunscreen already included, dry shampoo, foundation with added vitamins,  and the Moroccan Argan Oil Shower Cream by Nair.

The cream is easy to use because you just put it on a minute before you shower, then hop in the shower and rinse it off.  I'm a fan because it eliminates razor burn.  In between uses, this helps keep my legs super smooth, soft and Summer ready.  It does not irritate me which is a miracle, and a plus.

Boat day, anyone?

Nair Like Never Before
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