Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yumi Kim + Zara + Seven + Happy Sunday

Sundays are a reminder that I would like 3 days weekends to be the norm.  Thank you. 
Hello, & happy Sunday.  
We're being lazy.  Sundays are made for that, right?  

Off topic: The Tourist is on badly do I want every single outfit that Angelina Jolie wears in this movie?!

PS: Picture heavy post

Monday, September 19, 2011

The days are still hot and sticky, but in my mind I'm trying to transition my wardrobe.  The 90+ weather isn't helping things.  Between the humidity fogging up the camera lens and puffing up my hair, these pictures didn't have a chance.  It took a little Siamese cat and a lovely boyfriend to keep me happy for these shots.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rebecca Taylor + Vince + Ebay Steal

The second I got my new Rebecca Taylor jacket in the mail, I loved it and had to wear it.  There's no way that the weather here is even close to jacket ready but you better believe that I put it on anyway, at least for pictures.  I like how the jacket looks with jeans but I also wore it to work over an all black shift and it was adorable.  I snagged the jacket on Ebay for a mere $24.00, brand new, with tags!  By the way -am I slacking on the picture department lately? Garden hoses in the background and ponytails with wet hair, yikes! Haters to the left.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Recent Acquisitions: Rebecca Taylor + Tahari Earrings

Hi! I've been on a blog hiatus, non voluntarily imposed.  Below are pictures of some new purchases.  Did you know that Tahari has a jewelry line?  I loved the color on the earrings I picked up.  My favorite purchase by far is the Rebecca Taylor jacket that I snagged on e-bay.  You guys will never guess how much I paid for it.  Brand new, with tags...
Enjoy! xoxo:
Pocket detail from my new Rebecca Taylor jacket!

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