Monday, June 16, 2014

Style File: Kendall Jenner's MMVA Dress by Fausto Puglisi

Kendall Jenner artfully sewed herself into a Fausto Puglisi slit gown to help host the MMVA awards with her sister.  She's been modeling since the age of 14, with success.  She does both print, and runway.

Why then, the apparent need for his: 

kendall jenner mmva dress

Discuss your thoughts on this dress.  
kendall jenner fuasto puglisi mmva

fausto puglisi gown slit kendall jenner


The CHIC Insomniac said...

Geez!! I vote NO WAY on this "dress"!!! :)

The CHIC Insomniac

chuwechuwe said...

She's a stunning girl but it really looks like she's missing the pants that go with this ummm creation/top/maybe dress

Mrs C said...

Why bother wearing anything at all? Distasteful and cheap. What a pity as she is a beautiful girl and doesn't need to follow her sister's footsteps as she has a career that she could be proud of. Shame.

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