Sunday, November 29, 2015

Clarins Mission Perfection Serum and Joli Rouge Lipstick

Clarins has launched a new fall collection that includes some must-have products. Namely, the Joli Rouge lipstick and the Mission Perfection Serum. You know I love Clarins and the science behind the brand.
Clarins Mission Perfection corrects dark spots
Left: All the shades of the new Joli Rouge lipstick; Right: Clarins Mission Perfection Serum and two Joli Rouge Lipsticks
This new serum is the only one from the brand that focuses on dark spot correction. It is geared towards a younger demographic - women in their early thirties who are just beginning to see the signs of a poor skincare routine and sun exposure.   Mission Perfection targets discoloration and hyper pigmentation (a problem that plagues 1/3 of women in the world). It corrects but also prevents new dark spots from coming to the surface.  In my opinion, I think this particular formula is going to be preferred over other equally situated serums on the market. This one, unlike others on the market, does not change the color of your skin.  Your complexion remains the same - there are no bleaching agents in it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Victor Henao, Director of Global Makeup Design for Estee Lauder

Victor Henao and I, after he did my makeup.
I am wearing: Double Wear To Go Foundation in the shade Sand,
Lipstick: Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in color Irrepressible,
Lip liner: Double Wear Stay In Place Lip Pencil in the color Spice,
Eye shadows: Magic Smokey Powder Shadow Stick in Charred Plum

I had the pleasure of getting my makeup done by Victor Henao, Director of Global Makeup Design for Estée Lauder.  He is the creative mind behind Kendall Jenner's makeup looks for the Modern Muse campaign. He is also responsible for a much broader creative aspect for the company, than you may first imagine. You see, Victor is part of the reason that you can now get an exact color match for your skin and lips at Estee Lauder counters nationwide.  If you follow me on Snapchat (@FashionableESQ) then you saw some videos and behind-the-scenes 'first looks' at the new iMatch2.0.

Victor helped the Estee Lauder team develop the iMatch2.0, a handheld camera that matches your skin and lip color to the perfect Estee Lauder product. Victor and I chatted about product development and, of course, makeup, as he did mine. 

iMatch2.0 eliminates the guessing game, and helps you narrow down the products and shades that really work for you.  

Friday, November 20, 2015

Lancome Liqui Drama Eyeliners and Swatches

While fashion is my number one love, beauty falls in line as a close second. I've tried so many makeup products over the years that I can really tell you what brands are great and what products flop. Makeup is fun. It's the one part of the week where you can actually break up the monotony of the day-to-day routine.  If your daytime makeup needs to be subtle, then you can get creative for your night time look. One of the easiest way to amp up your face for evening, is by playing up your eyes with a good eye liner.  Lancome sent over their entire set of new Liqui Drama Eyeliners. I gave them a go, tested them out (A!) and swatched them all down below.

WHAT: Lancome has debuted some of the best wooden eyeliners that I've ever tried. No joke. The Lancome Liqui-Drama eyeliners ($23) are pencils with a gel-like formula that glides on smoothly and easily. They are absolutely on par with my tried and tested (and more expensive) favorite, the YSL Dessin Du Regard pencil ($30).

PROS: I have tested these liners out for about a month. They're awesome. Once they set, they do not budge. They are very long wearing and waterproof.  You have about a 10-12 second window before they set, where you can smudge them out like shadows, but that's it. They will set like cement and will not move for the entire day, or night, or as you sleep....or into the next morning. Certain shades contain a little bit of sparkly glitter, which I was OK with because it's subtle and not chunky. The shades are very pigmented as well.  Some people have said they have problems with these in their waterline. I do not.  The product is obviously more pigmented on the lashline vs. the waterline, but it wore OK on the waterline, although, admittedly, did not last even half the time as it did on the lid.  I did not have any type of allergic reaction when I wore it there, like I do when I wear the Urban Decay 24 Hour liners.

CONS: I typically do not like wooden pencils because you lose product when you sharpen them, and as a result, you will use up the product more quickly.   You can never get that pristine, sharp tip again. After the first use, it starts to get dull.

SWATCHES: My favorite colors to wear are Minuit, Cote d'Azure and Baroque.  I have the entire shade range swatched down below for you.  If you guys want, I can create a day and evening look with these pencils in a future post. Just let me know in the comments down below.
Lancome eyeliners

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Denim on Denim How To

White denim, now? In mid-November? Yes, and yes!

This is a quick, mid-week post. Wednesday are brutal, aren't they? Almost as bad as Mondays!
Miami lawyer and fashion blogger

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cropped Bomber Jacket, Ritz Carlton, Coconut Grove

Netty Miami Fashion Blogger and Lawyer

Lucifer Vir Honestus Jewels
I have some exciting news to report from the high-end, luxury jewelry market in Miami. Lucifer Vir Honestus opened a boutique in the Ritz Carlton, Coconut Grove. The line features precious gemstones set in unique and ornate settings, with organic and bold designs by Luna Scamuzzi.  Worn by the likes of Michelle Obama and Drew Barrymore, these statement pieces are sure to get everyone talking. If you follow me on +Snapchat (@FashionableESQ), then you saw some behind the scenes videos of the launch that took place on Thursday, November 12th. If you're looking to invest in one of a kind jewels, this line is definitely worth checking out. There is nothing quite like it in Miami, so, for the Miami Elite, this is jewelry heaven. Check out some images of the jewelry and the rest of my outfit, down below.  Let me know if you guys like my look, in the comments section, and as always, thank you for reading!!

 I can envision the galas now... Scroll through the lookbook above to see more jewelry by LVH - click the arrows. 

Lucifer Vir Honestus

Scroll through 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

JCPenney, BisouBisou and iHeart Radio Fiesta Latina

Wearing: Faux Fur Vest, Black Cami, Necklace, Scuba Skirt c/o JCPenney and BisouBisou//Shoes: Rachel Roy// Mini bucket bag: Liz Claiborne c/o JCPenney

I spent my Saturday at the Delano hotel, in a suite, getting a great blowout courtesy of JCPenney and iHeart Radio. iHeart Radio was in town for their annual Fiesta Latina Concert.  Fiesta Latina began in L.A., but this year, Miami hosted the show.  We enjoyed performances by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, but before that, we stopped at the JCPenney glam suite to get styled in Bisou Bisou.

Bisou Bisou by Michelle Bohbot is a contemporary women's line that is carried at JCPenney. Designer Michelle Bohbot is such a sweet soul and talented designer, so of course, I enjoyed spending time with her. The photos of the clothing online, does not do the line justice. The quality is more than meets the eye and it's brought to you all in an affordable manner through JCPenney. Some of my favorite pieces include the moto jacket, the leather panel leggings and the floral print, scuba pencil skirt that I'm wearing in these pictures.

I was also very grateful to have had a great hair stylist, Wendy, from InStyle Salons at JCPenney. Despite some technical difficulties with the fuses blowing out, she was still able to give me one hell of a blowout. She was also cognizant of the fact that my hair had undergone some 'hair trauma' and treated it with kid gloves.

El Sabado, JCPenney y iHeart Radio nos invitaron a un suite en el hotel Delano para que nos pusieramos 'glam' para el conceirto de iHeart Radio.  La Fiesta Latina de iHeart Radio origino en Los Angeles, pero este ano, se traslado para Miami!  Jennifer Lopez y Pitbull fueron unos de los nombres que tuvieron exito en el concierto.

Bisou Bisou es una linea de ropa moderna de mujer de disenadora Michelle Bohbot.  Michelle fue tan dulce y paciente con nosotras! Su ropa es de calidad, algo que no se nota al verla en la pagina del web de JCPenney. Unas de mis piezas favoritas incluyen la chaqueta de moto, unos pantalones con paneles de piel faux, y la falda que estoy mostrando en estas fotos, que es de material scuba, con un motif floral. 

InStyle tiene peluquerias adentro de JCPenney. Mi estilista, Wendy, me seco el pelo perfectamente, aunque tuvimos percances con la caja electrica varias veces!. Gracias JCPenney y iHeart Radio!

Fotos: Gissi Jimenez de The Architect of Style

Monday, November 9, 2015

How to Wear a Crop Top Year Round

Crop tops are not for the shy or modest.  If you're anything like me, you've probably steered clear of them.  Why are we talking about crop tops in the middle of Fall, you ask? Well, because you can still wear yours in November!  I know that it's technically Fall everywhere else, but in Miami, we are somewhat season-less; coasting at a steady 89 degrees with 100% humidity.  Even if it's cooler where you live, you can still wear your crop top.  All you have to do is get a little creative with layering.
easy fall outfit
I paired mine over a black camisole. This look works because the layering piece I began with (the cami) was very fitted - creating no volume to the silhouette and allowing it to be tucked in. It looks like one piece, instead of two.  The loose, relaxed boyfriend jeans offset the tight top.  Although this is a Fendi bag, this sure isn't one of those popular Fendi bag charms.  This little, white puff ball is from Zara and was less than $20 (Etsy also has them). It's better suited for larger bags, but I couldn't wait to try it out, because I think it's so fun.  

Let me know if you guys like this look in the comments section down below. 

fendi bag charm

Monday, November 2, 2015

Marion Restaurant, Miami

Ah, Brickell, Miami's concrete jungle; the city's attempt at creating a 'Manhattan' without actually providing the ease of public transportation to accompany it.  Amidst the constant traffic and construction sits a great restaurant that recently opened it's doors: Marion.  This restaurant evokes definite European flair. From the waitstaff, who hail from Paris (Hi, David!), to the exquisite decore, everything about this restaurant screams NOT MIAMI - and that is arguably one of its best traits.

The lighting is dim, the wine is fantastic, and the ingredients are all high quality and imported. When you visit, you will note that to your right sits a gorgeous bar, to your left, a quaint coffee station, and a few steps ahead of you, a display of cured, hanging meats, cheeses, breads and fresh fish that will make your mouth water. Near the entrance is an old-school rack displaying current magazines and newspapers; a testament to the level of attention paid to detail.
Coffee Station 
Indoor bar at Marion
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