Monday, June 2, 2014

Reveal Your Best Self: Nair Shower Power Max

Today is June 2nd, which means that we're already half way through this year!  2014 has been tough for both myself and those close to me, so I'm using this upcoming Summer to take a minute, and refocus.  I have a couple of changes that I've implemented that have helped me along the way.

As trivial as this may sound,  changing up your beauty and health routine can really assist in giving you a mood overhaul, in a positive way.

I used to drink plenty of water before and stopped doing so within the last year: that's coming back!  I picked up my tennis racket from my parents house (progress; maybe I'll eventually play again).  I've also changed up my beauty routine.  Sleep!  I had forgotten what that was this year and now, with the help of a new bed, I found my normal sleep patterns again.  I have also started using a lot of products that make my life easier: moisturizer with sunscreen already included, dry shampoo, foundation with added vitamins,  and the Moroccan Argan Oil Shower Cream by Nair.

The cream is easy to use because you just put it on a minute before you shower, then hop in the shower and rinse it off.  I'm a fan because it eliminates razor burn.  In between uses, this helps keep my legs super smooth, soft and Summer ready.  It does not irritate me which is a miracle, and a plus.

Boat day, anyone?

Nair Like Never Before
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