Monday, April 28, 2014

Silk'n Flash & Go At Home Hair Removal System Review

I have been using the Silk'n Flash & Go At Home Hair Removal System since December.  I'm excited to review it for you today, because I really like it. Buy it here, on Amazon, for the best price or on Nordstrom (also on sale).

Some things you should know about me before you read the rest of this post:

  • I am literally the laziest, worst self-groomer on the planet; I cut my hair twice a year, I don't pluck my eyebrows and I hate shaving my legs. Hate, hate hate.  Wildebeest.
  • I am very fair skinned, with dark brown hair.  I shave, and right after, you can still see the follicle under the skin.
  • My skin is really sensitive and I'm prone to razor burn.
At-home laser hair removal for legs and underarms
Silk'n Flash & Go in the packaging.

The Silk'n system is really cool because it comes with an instructional DVD.  I know that you're thinking that anything that comes with an instructional guide is probably too much of a hassle to use, but it really wasn't.
I think that the company is aware that the prospect of lasering your hair off at home is a little daunting, so the video is really just to demonstrate that the product is easy and safe to use.  I liked that it was included.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

Some shots of what I've been up to lately:

One of my best friends in the world had the most gorgeous bridal shower, at the Grove Isle Hotel & Spa. Gold glittered mason jars held bunches of peonies and hydrangeas.  It was a beautiful event, and totally Pinterest worthy.  I helped photograph her shower and snapped these shots.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Style File: Spring/Summer Must Haves

I'm all about bold, bright prints and patterns for the warmer weather that's moving in.  Brands like Clover Canyon and Mara Hoffman are my current favorites for colorful pieces.  The Back Keyhole Gown by Mara Hoffman makes me want to take a vacation

Click on the below images to shop the styles; otherwise, they're linked to directly below:

Furor Moda's Vibrant Transparent Clutch - a chartreuse neon plexi clutch? Stocked by one of Miami's hottest clothing boutiques? Obviously.

Furor Moda's Alfon Stone Necklace - the perfect color to pair with all Spring essentials.
Yoshi Samra Campbell Flat; metallic two-toned perfection. 
Sam & Libby is being carried at Target now, and these Hayden Gladiators are super comfortable and have a little padding as well.  (Size up half a size).

Enjoy the rest of your week,
I know that for me, the weekend cannot come fast enough.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Style File: Blo Midtown, Miami

Happy weekend, everyone!  This is a quick post to let you all know I recently had the chance to get my hair blown out at Blo Dry Bar, in Midtown Miami.  I was in love with my blowout.  I've always had long hair which I hate to do myself, so I'm no stranger to getting a blowout.  I know when a blowout is terrible, good, and great.  This one was great.  They used shampoo from the UNITE (I believe it was the smoothing one, which is also sulfate free) and I received a conditioning treatment.  My hair is currently really long, and has a ton of split ends; tangles like crazy and is dry.
Whatever they did made my hair really soft, shiny and bouncy.  Also, if you're into great scents, request some mint extract oil for your shampoo/condition.  You will get an awesome minty aroma as they shampoo and condition your hair.  It feels cool and tingly on your scalp.  I recommend a cold water rinse so that your hair cuticle is sealed for even more shine.

I spoke with my stylist and told her I wanted some bounce on my ends, which she definitely achieved.  I also had her put product only on my ends (my hair tends to get greasy quickly).  Blo Midtown uses the Croc flat iron (pink) which is the best flat iron I have ever used.  Heats up super quick, gets really hot, and has 18 fully digital temp settings.  For my style,below, they did not use the flat iron on too many areas because of the type of look I wanted, but it was passed through my hair quickly.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

OOTD: Work Wear Fashionable ESQ Style + Razon Eyewear Launch

I attended the launch party for a socially conscious sunglasses brand called Razon.  They're based out Miami and inspired by other brands who target social awareness and responsibility (ie: TOMS). You will throw down $305 for each pair of sunglasses which are manufactured from different types of wood (rose wood, and bamboo, for example).  Be mindful of the fact that from each purchase, Razon donates three pairs of eyeglasses to individuals in third world countries who would otherwise be unable to afford prescription lenses.  They can do this because they partner with Eyejusters, a technology which allows people to literally correct or tweak their prescription eyeglasses by twisting an adjustable knob.

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