Thursday, January 21, 2016

D&G Beauty Voyage Palette

D&G Beauty Voyage Palette 

Hi friends, D&G global makeup artist Christian McCulloch will be at Saks in Aventura Mall in Miami on Saturday, January 23. I have worked with Christian before and I think he's a super-talent. I'll admit, I had a "moment" when he did my makeup last year, and I found out that a few weeks earlier, he had done Kate Hudson's. Fangirling aside, I think he's very talented and working with some great products from D&G Beauty.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Beauty File: January 2016 Beauty Board

I started 2016 on a skincare kick. My worklife is really demanding (#lawyered) and at the end of the day, I want to come home and get a little R&R. I love having products lined up that are waiting to be cracked opened and tested!  Below are products I've purchased, and yes, some that have been sent to me.  I only write about things I really like, and I hope you know to come to TFE for honest opinions. I have personally tested everything below and believe you will have good results if you try these products out. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What to Wear to Work - A Brand Guide to Buying Work Clothes Online

Your favorite online retailers have dedicated sections for workwear. You may have overlooked these, because they're naturally not as fun to browse as the tabs that contain those fab feathered ostrich skirts, but, they're there!

Below is a list of the top online workwear retailers,you will be surprised by the selection at the bottom of this post. 

1) Express:  I promise you, take a poll at your office, and you will see that 9 out of 10 women will own a pair of the Express Editor pants. Their suiting is affordable and if you're bold, they've updated their workwear section with a ton of brightly colored options.

Some other exciting new; Express has launched a limited edition capsule collection.  Express Edition is the brand's first high-end collection, offering must have pieces for girls in the fashion world. It's very fashion driven. You can get some killer investment pieces that will easily transition into all areas of your wardrobe. This specific collection is only available in 27 stores. Two of those stores are in Miami - Dadeland Mall and Aventura Mall.

Express Edition collection 
2) Nordstrom: Consider browsing through the collections of designers and brands that you may not generally go to for workwear. Brands like Vince Camuto have pieces that work (no pun intended) for the office. Nordstrom is a one-stop-shop for your workwear needs. In their dedicated section, they include all of the office basics, from pumps to purses. That Longchamp Le Pliage tote that fits everything? It's there, too. They exclusively carry the brand Chelsea 28, a modern line tailored towards a trendy, fashionable woman. The pieces from this line can transition to corporate life. I own the Chelsea 28 Wide Leg Pant and I love the pair I own. They're great for all occasions.
Chelsea 28 Wide Leg Pleated Pant
One of my workwear faves (but be mindful, you will need to hem these if you're under 5'6) 
3) Olga Pastyrnak: this designer's website is total workwear luxury. The pieces are expertly designed and tailored. The fabrics are luxe. The Elynora dress is just about the most perfect workday-to-evening-out dress you can imagine. For the office, it would look amazing with a boxy cut, cropped blazer. I can tell you from personal experience that the fabrics from this collection are beautiful and feel amazing against your skin.

4) Brooks Brothers: chances are that if you're a woman searching for office attire, you're going to overlook Brooks Brothers' traditionally male oriented selection. However, a quick glance at their women's suiting department reveals great sales, and great womenswear pieces! You'll find trousers reduced from $200 to $79, and gorgeous blazers for 50% off.

5) Reiss: Reiss has such an amazing selection of outerwear and jackets/blazers. I had to include them in this roundup. They actually have a women's suiting section that's got absolutely beautiful pieces in it. I mean, how gorgeous is the cut and color on this single breasted blazer

6) Dillards: women's suits at Dillards? Yep. And on sale. They carry brands like Tahari, Calvin Klein, and more. Their selection is not just limited to suiting. They carry all of the workday essentials like pumps, tops, pencil skirts (can't beat that one for $54). A tip that I've picked up over my shopping career: Tahari and Calvin Klein are generous when it comes to sizing. If you're in between sizing, size down.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments section down below!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Style File: Giselle Blondet

Good morning! Giselle Blondet is a Puerto Rican actress who has a career that spans decades. She turns 52 today and remains as much of a style icon as ever.  Recently, she's been cast as the lead host for the hit Telemundo show, Big Brother (El Gran Hermano), where she will let the audience decide how she will style her outfits, hair and makeup. The majority of her outfit choices will be from designer Gustavo Arango.
Because this is such a fun concept, I thought we could decide for her, on the blog.
Below are a series of looks, broken down by clothing, hair and makeup, that she's sported in the the past. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below or by tweeting me (@FashionableESQ).

¡Buenos días! Giselle Blondet es una actriz puertorriqueña que tiene una carrera que se extiende por décadas. Hoy, cumple 52 años, y sigue siendo un icono de la moda, como siempre! Recientemente, ella fue elegida como la anfitrióna principal de la exitosa serie  El Gran Hermano, de Telemundo.  Parte de la serie incluye la participación del público.  Se le permitirá al público decidir cómo Giselle llevara su ropa, pelo y maquillaje. Agregando mas a la mezcla sera que el diseñador Gustavo Arango diseñará algunos de sus trajes para El Gran Hermano. 
Dejame saber tu look favorito! Dejame comentario o Tweet :) (@FashionableESQ)

Clothing/ Estilo: This actress has absolutely no off-duty looks (at least none she is photographed in). It's all about red carpet glamour for this beauty. 

Hair Styles/ Pelo: Giselle rarely wears her hair up (but I think she looks so pretty with it in a ponytail).

Makeup/Maquillaje: Giselle is pretty consistent with her makeup - keeping it neutral most days!

Photos from Images/Pinterest 
Which is your favorite? 
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