Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beauty File: La Mer Facial, Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland Mall

I had a the most relaxing mid-week experience at Saks, Dadeland a few months back.  I, like everyone else, welcome anything that can help me leave the work stress for a while, especially when that  something is La Mer.  You all may not actually know this little beauty secret, but most major beauty counters at large department stores offer complimentary facials with brand aestheticians.

I arrived at the La Mer counter, inside of Saks and chatted with Aleta Valdes, who has been with the brand for quite a while.  She definitely knows the ins and outs of the products and can help introduce you to the brand if you're new to it.  I was then taken to a small side area behind the makeup counters.  There are several spa / facial rooms, hidden back there!  The rooms at Dadeland are undergoing a complete renovation and they will be new and freshly done in July of this year.

la mer evens skin tone dark spots

My facialist was Magdalena, who I found to be really sweet and knowledgeable.   It was so relaxing!! Because they don't do extractions at this location (Saks, Bal Harbor does, FYI), she supplemented the facial with a really soothing upper body and neck massage (maaajor plus).  The applications of the products was done with the brush you see in the picture above.  The products and applicators were chilled, which added to the relaxation factor.

La mer creme de la mere fashion blog
The cult classic, Creme de La Mer, was developed by a NASA Physicist named Max Huber, to treat severe chemical burns.  It literally re-generates the skin and aids in cellular turnover.  In other words: it's expensive, because it's got good stuff in it.

While the facials are  technically complimentary, it is expected that a customer purchase an item after the beauty treatment (but it is not required).  I've been using the La Mer 'The Tonic' as an after cleansing toner. It helps balance out the effects of the Miami humidity and the oily skin factor.

A price friendly alternative to The Tonic is Neutrogena's toner, which is alcohol free.

If you're interested in booking a facial:
Aleta Valdes - La Mer, Saks: 305-798-0709

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