Monday, November 2, 2015

Marion Restaurant, Miami

Ah, Brickell, Miami's concrete jungle; the city's attempt at creating a 'Manhattan' without actually providing the ease of public transportation to accompany it.  Amidst the constant traffic and construction sits a great restaurant that recently opened it's doors: Marion.  This restaurant evokes definite European flair. From the waitstaff, who hail from Paris (Hi, David!), to the exquisite decore, everything about this restaurant screams NOT MIAMI - and that is arguably one of its best traits.

The lighting is dim, the wine is fantastic, and the ingredients are all high quality and imported. When you visit, you will note that to your right sits a gorgeous bar, to your left, a quaint coffee station, and a few steps ahead of you, a display of cured, hanging meats, cheeses, breads and fresh fish that will make your mouth water. Near the entrance is an old-school rack displaying current magazines and newspapers; a testament to the level of attention paid to detail.
Coffee Station 
Indoor bar at Marion

The attention to detail, both aesthetically and culinarily speaking, is what makes this place great. Owners Michael Ridard and Mathieu Massa seem to have knocked it out of the park with this latest venture.

FOOD.  Let's talk about it!  To start, our meal began with a great wine, the M Rose Chateau Minuty. Delicate and flavorful, it paired well with everything we ordered.

The burrata is spectacular. The best. This is typically one of my favorite appetizer selections so I was eager to try it.  I was happy to find that we were served a large portion, of course it was chilled, served with a selection of grape tomatoes and fresh ground pepper. It was heaven.
Marion Miami

Marion Miami Restaurant

Next in line, the charcuterie plate, you have the option of  3, 5 or 7 different selections of delicious cured meats, hams, salamis and cheeses.
Marion Miami
Charcuterie at Marion
The oysters arrived quickly - 6 served on a bed of ice, accompanied by a delicious cabernet vinegar dressing mixed with shallots. These were good, but probably one of the more fiscally irresponsible selections of the evening because you only get six for $22.
Marion Miami Restaurant, Brickell
Oysters & Burrata
The entree was a ribeye, for two, served sliced and off the bone. While this tasted delicious, and the quality of meat was evident, it was not hot! It was brought to our table a little warmer than room temperature.  Needless to say, that was a disappointing aspect of our meal.
The dessert selection was impressive. The french pastries are made in-house, and done right. The selection is varied, so there is a little something for everyone. You're going to love that flaky French pastry crust.

Marion main entrance 

Location: 1111 SW 1st Avenue (click here for directions)
Reservations: or 786-717-7512
Hours: 11:00-3:00; 5:30-11:30.  Closed on Sundays.

All high quality photography by Nicole Franzen. 
My meal at Marion was complimentary. My review is honest. The food was good and the atmosphere was very nice. 
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