Friday, November 20, 2015

Lancome Liqui Drama Eyeliners and Swatches

While fashion is my number one love, beauty falls in line as a close second. I've tried so many makeup products over the years that I can really tell you what brands are great and what products flop. Makeup is fun. It's the one part of the week where you can actually break up the monotony of the day-to-day routine.  If your daytime makeup needs to be subtle, then you can get creative for your night time look. One of the easiest way to amp up your face for evening, is by playing up your eyes with a good eye liner.  Lancome sent over their entire set of new Liqui Drama Eyeliners. I gave them a go, tested them out (A!) and swatched them all down below.

WHAT: Lancome has debuted some of the best wooden eyeliners that I've ever tried. No joke. The Lancome Liqui-Drama eyeliners ($23) are pencils with a gel-like formula that glides on smoothly and easily. They are absolutely on par with my tried and tested (and more expensive) favorite, the YSL Dessin Du Regard pencil ($30).

PROS: I have tested these liners out for about a month. They're awesome. Once they set, they do not budge. They are very long wearing and waterproof.  You have about a 10-12 second window before they set, where you can smudge them out like shadows, but that's it. They will set like cement and will not move for the entire day, or night, or as you sleep....or into the next morning. Certain shades contain a little bit of sparkly glitter, which I was OK with because it's subtle and not chunky. The shades are very pigmented as well.  Some people have said they have problems with these in their waterline. I do not.  The product is obviously more pigmented on the lashline vs. the waterline, but it wore OK on the waterline, although, admittedly, did not last even half the time as it did on the lid.  I did not have any type of allergic reaction when I wore it there, like I do when I wear the Urban Decay 24 Hour liners.

CONS: I typically do not like wooden pencils because you lose product when you sharpen them, and as a result, you will use up the product more quickly.   You can never get that pristine, sharp tip again. After the first use, it starts to get dull.

SWATCHES: My favorite colors to wear are Minuit, Cote d'Azure and Baroque.  I have the entire shade range swatched down below for you.  If you guys want, I can create a day and evening look with these pencils in a future post. Just let me know in the comments down below.
Lancome eyeliners

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