Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekend Snapshots

Juicy Couture T-Shirt from Shopbop (Which I've worn for two weeks straight.
Love this t-shirt). No longer available but check these out from Wildfox Couture.

A newly discovered braided gold cuff bracelet.
The bronze color of this DVF jacket is really beautiful.
It has a great sheen and is sheerish.
Ring purchased from DevoreleBeaumonstre who has a funky personal style blog
and also sells jewelry for cheap. 
MY PLIGHT: really narrow feet with a high arch. No shoes fit me. Ever. Via Spiga makes narrow shoes so they're
one of my favorites.  These are Via Spiga, Dot. I have them in black too.
Now that I look at them from this angle, they obviously don't fit right either. argh.
Banana Republic leopard belt.  I'm going to do an all leopard post one day. I love animal prints.
I thought I had lost this bracelet  (Devastation) and sent an e-mail out to my friends with a picture of it asking
everyone to scour their closets/cars/homes/ to find it. I'm not kidding...
...I found it 2 weeks ago, hiding in a clutch.  :/ 

Have you guys ever done that?

Bracelet by Madewell via Shopbop purchased last year.

My favorite sparkly thing. 

My favorite furry thing.
I've owned this little faux fur bolero from Forever 21 for YEARS...
Like my blogger buddy Katherine of Feather Factor, talks about in this post, I love reviving
old finds from within my closet.


Katherine said...

What a beautiful bolero! Yes, the longer I have an item the more justified I feel in buying new ones - I'll keep it forever! Hahaha :) Thank you for the shout out and have a great wkend! said...

I love the belt and the bracelet! I'd be hunting all over for that bit of sparkle too. I'm glad you found it. :)

The Blonde @ Stylish3 said...

I love all the sparkle in this post! Those last two pictures are especially beautiful.

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