Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lima, Peru Part II

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Lima and what I wore.

In the lobby of the Hotel Atton

Trying to get a better pic of this.  I love it.

I was trying to trick myself into thinking the sun was out by wearing sunglasses.
 It was cold and my scarf kept shifting and trying to choke me!  

View of the Restaurant we had lunch at, La Rosa Nautica.
Closer view of La Rosa Nautica Restaurant

There was no getting around it.  Scarf-choke in full effect the entire day.

Also, I'm a badass.
As we ate lunch, we watched locals and tourists get a running start, jump off a cliff's edge
and sail around the sky.
Lomo Saltado.  This is a really good Peruvian dish.  Strips of really savory steak, stir fried w/ onions & peppers
served over french fries.
With an egg on top.
I'm watching you.

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What I wore:
Sweater: Gap.com (black Friday purchase, hurrah!)
Skinny Jeans: AG Stilt Cigarette Jeans.  I seriously love these jeans.  Perfect fit for me and really soft.
Knit scarft: Gap.com
Long necklace: J.Crew
Shoe: Corso Como

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