Saturday, July 9, 2011

Traveling: Products I Used

I'm not a great packer.  I follow Sienna of Petite Voyageur and wonder how she does it, considering she basically lives out of a suitcase for the majority of the year.  The girl obviously has it down to a science.  I'm always tempted to pack EVERYTHING, which is the problem I run into when there are weight restrictions on airlines and a good-sport-but-sometimes-annoyed-boyfriend who has to lug everything around on my behalf (ahem)...

For this trip I really tried to condense what I packed, since we were going to be traveling within the country itself.

Below are some of the travel essentials that found their way into my traveling pouches and makeup bag:
From left to right: Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick, Phyto Phytojoba Masque Express, Clinique Moisture Surge, Philosophy Purity, Loreal  Elnett Satin hairspray, Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunscreen SPF 50, Nars Anniversary Palette + J.Crew Necklace

This Josie Maran Argan Oil stick smells kind of strong - I actually don't like the way it smells but it's the best lip balm/moisturizing stick I've tried.  The air was really dry, especially in Cusco so I packed an assortment of moisturizing products.  The argan oil stick works double duty as a cuticle/hand/elbow moisturizer too (for those of you that care about that sort of thing).  I primarily use it as a lip conditioner.

The Phyto hair mask is one of my favorites (as you can tell from the tattered tube).  I haul it around everywhere and I'm almost out.  I got it as part of a smaller Phyto kit from Sephora.  It smells really mildly of oranges and it leaves my hair very soft.  I put it in when my hair is dry, although I think on the site the instructions say to put it on while your hair is wet?

Clinique Moisture Surge - A classic. Super moisturizing and provides a good base for makeup. 

This Philosophy cleanser is great.  Smells great and is not harsh. My skin is sensitive, so I use mild cleansers a lot.  Bonus: smells amazing.  Non-bonus: explodes while traveling and leaves bubbles and a great smell everywhere. Don't pack it. 

I bought this Elnett Travel sized hairspray on a whim's supposed to be the best.  I was underwhelmed and the smell was overpowering.  Yuck. Save your money. 

This was my second tube of this Neutrogena sun block; the first tube I kept in my car, used regularly, and it went really quickly.  By the time I bought it again, the company had changed the formula and now it does not blend in at all.  I have white sunscreen face in all of my vacation photos, but at least I won't have wrinkles!

NARS Anniversary Palette.  I took a risk packing this because palettes are delicate and can crack while traveling.  I took it on my carry-on and it held up.  I love this palette. I love Nars makeup!  This palette is no longer available so I won't make you sad by including a photo of the inside and letting you see all of the makeup goodness you're missing out on. 

 Really it's because I stupidly forgot to take a picture of the inside and now I'm too lazy to do it. 

Most of these items were purchased at Sephora because I'm addicted and I'm a VIB and we have a mutual love for one another.
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