Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: Gap Bow City Flats

I recently got back from a vacation where I walked/hiked/trekked/whined my way through many city streets.  In this post I detailed how I had wanted a comfortable, chic flat for my trip.  I bought these Gap Bow City Flats after reading the reviews on  The reviews said to size up between 1/2 a size and a full shoe size.  I sized up 1/2 a shoe size and I should have gone with one full shoe size.  They retail for about $40, but you'll always find a sale on

Gap Bow City Flats

They're comfortable to walk short distances in but I would not recommend them for all-day wear.  I was using them to walk through streets, on sightseeing adventures and by the end of the day I found that my ankle was really hurting.  The ball of my foot hurt a lot as well - they provide zero support.  They're really flimsy (they are made to be that way, they fold up when you are not wearing them and they do not have a full sole).

They're leather but the leather is basically .09 of a millimeter thick.  A hole in the leather emerged after the first week I wore them; I'm not sure if this is because they're too small on me or because they're so poorly made but other reviews on (that I see NOW) also discuss the holes.

They're comfortable enough to wear for a walk around the mall, or for other light indoor use, but if you want them for outdoor use, I found that they're too delicate and they're not constructed to withstand much.

They looked like this when I first bought them.

This is what they look like after 3 weeks of use:

The leather is all worn down on the bottom already :(

I am obviously a contortionist. 

They are really adorable and I wanted to love them.  They come in a variety of colors and patterns which I really like.

A plus:  the flats come in a medium sized carrying pouch that matches the color of the shoes.  I really liked the pouch and I found it useful for storing items when traveling.

Alyson of The Average Girl's Guide really likes her pair so, maybe it's just me ;).

If interested, buy them here.


  1. :O I want those !!! They are the most adorable thing ever! Except I'm not so sure if they're worth the money if they're so flimsy :/

    I shall have to ruminate

  2. Sad to hear about the GAP Flats! I found that tory burch flats are comfy enough for me to walk all day in while I work at different hospitals, but I just dont know if I would recommend them for traveling, especially in places where they have the real old school cobblestones. I honestly dont think there is a chic flat out there to wear while site seeing....

  3. That's so disappointing! Honestly, I don't find flats all that comfortable anyway... for my Europe trip I got Campers and they were okay but my feet did still hurt after walking so much.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Oh... I got those same flats and ended up throwing them out. :c Zero points for arch support! I wore them to work and my feet were hurting by mid-day.

    Just found your blog and love it, by the way!


  5. That stinks! Those are so adorable. I love those flats but after seeing that they sort of fell apart I cant bring myself to buy. Too bad.

    xo Teresa
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  6. wow, i am so behind on posts! was reading this and then saw you mentioned my gap city flats love! thanks for the shout out. :) so sorry these are not great for you. mine definitely do have some wear too but i use them mostly all day, but for errands, mall, shorter trips, so miles on end might be too much! :(

  7. They do look really cute but that hole! What a pity!

  8. yikes! 40 bucks is too much for those flats!

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