Sunday, August 14, 2011

D&G Lace + Love

Jewelry: Nordstrom; Shoes: Gucci

We recently attended a destination wedding.  I would have liked to have jazzed this dress up with a big more but as I've already detailed, I'm a terrible packer. I only realize that I want something when I am miles away from my own closet and can't have that item!  Worst.Packer.Ever.
This set was a bridesmaid gift from a very good friend of mine.  They're from Nordstrom and really, really pretty in person.
Lots of sparkle.

I Wore a black blazer over the dress because it was a little chilly.  It's a
little more of a masculine look that I'm used to but the dress
was really girly and lacy, so it was a good contrast.
Meanwhile...can someone please tell me what is going on with my
'popped collar' in this photo? 

BIG Gripe: the white brand tag was exposed on the dress?!
At least make the tag black!! Ridic.

I'M SO CHEESY. I can't take it.
Cute! <3

After wedding lounging in the hotel <3
What I wore: 

Dress: D&G; shorter, hot pink version here.  I got this dress on super sale and did not pay ANYTHING CLOSE to the retail price, but if you want an even better price point - check out this long sleeved version by Juicy Couture & this adorable white puff sleeved one by the Australian Line Glam Rock.  Both via 

Shoes: Gucci via Bluefly.

Jewelry set: Nordstrom, I believe they're by Nadri.  Similar silver style here

Blazer: Express Studio Line, similar one here.

How would you have spiced up this outfit? What accessories would you have paired it with? 
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