Sunday, August 7, 2011

Recent Acquisitions: Ban.Do + Beverly Feldman

New accessories & Beverly Feldman shoes!

I jumped on the bandwagon late, as far as I'm concerned.  I first learned of this brand's bright & bold accessories line by reading Melificent & Atlantic-Pacific.  Personal style blogs are filled with photographs of the girls wearing's various flowers, hearts, & bows.  I can't wait to wear these.

mini heart & pom pom flower

I love the idea of both a clip-on & bobby pin fastner.  Sometimes, you don't want holes in your clothes!

Their packaging was adorable.  The flower was a bit smashed when it arrived,
but it quickly puffed out again with some fluffing.
These were an impulse online buy (as most of my purchases are), while looking for comfortable
flats to wear while on vacation.  

The bottom of these cute little shoes have embossed soles
with hearts and phrases like Too much is Not Enough.

Shoes: Beverly Feldman Zany Patent Leather Loafers via LC.


Teresa: Life and Style said...

I love the shoes! So cute :)

xo Teresa
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Jordan said...

I can't wait to see a pic of you wearing the accessories!! The pink flower will look gorgeous with your hair color. Great pictures.

KatjaKCN said...

Those loafers are tooo freaking cuteeeeeeee. I dont even like loafers hahaha.

Great post!!!

xo KCN

Lisa said...

i adore bando accessories! that gold sequin heart is so bleepin' cute!!

adore your new white loafers!!

the teal pumps are new simples!! i love them :p!!!! i thought they would be really limiting when i first got them but i find i use them a lot to jazz up any ho hum outfit!!!

Melificent said... is just the bestest! Glad I was able to turn you on to their accessories! :)

Mary ♥ Mur said...

Love this so much.)) You have such a cute blog.!!!.))

I need your help (maybe again) .)
Can you white me your favourite blog?.))

Mary Lane said...

I love those shoes! The detailing is great.

I haven't jumped on the Ban-Do bandwagon yet, but maybe you'll convince me!

Sara B said...

So cute! Love the ban do pins!!

Kara said...

omg, I'm secretly obsessed with, although I've never bought anything from them yet. Their things are so fun!

Anonymous said...

Had never heard of I love it! Thanks! I must make a purchase soon :)

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