Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recent Acquisitions

In preparation for our upcoming trip, I wanted a pair of flats that I could actually walk in.  I have a problem with flats in general; I think it's because I have freakishly long toes (please refer to this post) so sometimes flats can feel really snug around my toes.  Based on the reviews from Gap.com I ordered these 1/2 a size larger than my regular shoe size and they fit quite nicely.  I test drove them today...so far so good.  I'll let you know if they leave me stranded in Lima, with nothing but a Llama and some altitude sickness.

Gap Bow City Flats 

They're doing a handstand for you. Applause, please.

This clutch in the next set of pictures was a really nice surprise!  A belated birthday gift.  I really liked the design of this fun clutch.   I was really surprised to find that it was made by...

The Limited!
This is the Straw Bamboo Clutch  by the Limited!
I love me a little bamboo toggle clasp.
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