Monday, April 4, 2011

Easy Boho Outfit

A lazy day, and a lazy outfit.  Perfect for lounging poolside, beach side, and boat side on the weekend.

Busy planning my next move.
Hair up?
Or Hair down?
Very important things go on up here, you know...

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry.  I "borrowed" it from my Mom.
It's on an extended stay with me. 

Side button detail on my favorite gauzy, leopard  print top by Tyler Rose Swimwear
Via Shopbop

"Evil eye" wraps.
I've had these FOREVER.  Just a mall-kiosk find.  Probably over 10 years old at this point.
 Probably the only time I've ever stopped at a mall-kiosk.  I usually speed by the kiosks, running from
the ladies chasing me with flat irons or eyebrow makeup :/ 

These were a  Piperlime find.
They are by Rocketdog.  A brand I wore when I was 15 and then forgot about
until now.
They're awesome and very Missoni-ESQ

Wedges: Rocketdog
Beach pants by Charlotte Solnicki
Earrings: Amrita Singh
Assorted necklaces + wrap bracelet. 


Melificent said...

I love everything about this outfit!
Can I borrow it? ;)

KatjaKCN said...

O god cute! I love your wedges! Especially the colored pattern :-D

I hope to have a personal style up soon! All my pictures are stuck in a camera hahaha.

Great Post :-D

xo KCN

thefashionableESQ said...

Yes, come and get it + I can see you! Yay!

Jordan said...

jealous of wherever you live / wherever you are right now!

plamka said...

great photos! :))i like it!
come to me and follow if you want.
have a nice day!

Bombs of Beauty said...

this outfit is really lovely... it's so fun and yet sophisticated. I love the flow of the fabrics and the texture of the pants.

have a beautiful day,

Jessica said...

charlotte beach pants!! they remind me of kathy, lol. i wonder what i did with mine.....???

ChiccaStyle said...

Stunning outfit!!!

Nikol said...

lovely outfit:)

Leigh said...

i really love your outfit! your top is great, and those pants look so comfy!

Galia said...

fantastic pants!!lovely green colour!! :)

Halle Anderson said...

This is a beautiful picture! Amazing blog! Come visit me at

SILVIA said...

thanks for your comment!!! you´re so sweet!!!!

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