Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stella & Dot Goodies At My Door!

My Stella & Dot shipment came this week!
I posted about a Stella & Dot Trunk Show I attended last week here.  

I'm a sucker for cute packaging!

Garden Party Chandelier Earrings.
They look great on!
Coin Pearl Earrings
Go with everything!

 Which pair would you choose? 


Pauline said...

the color is lovely!

Katherine said...

I love both those earrings - gorgeous! :) Just followed you <3 Have a fabulous weekend!

thefashionableESQ said...

I know! I couldn't choose either ;)
Thank you!

Amandamarie said...

those chandelier earrings are major! they would look amazing with an intricate or simple outfit, basically anything! amazing choices


thefashionableESQ said...

@ Amandamarie: I totally agree! They're very versatile. I have paired them with a white v-neck T-shirt and jeans and they look perfect, but they also fit with dressier outfits, like a black strapless cocktail dress.

Jordan said...

The green chandeliers for sure (love green!). Posts like this make me want to leave dental school like.. yesterday... and make some money!

Nastja said...

I would also choose the chandelier ones :) Love your blog, just started following you :)


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