Friday, April 8, 2011

SO Happy & Flattered to be Featured on StyledOn!!!!

I could not be more flattered!!
StyledOn, one of the premiere websites for inspirational fashion images, photography and home decor has chosen to feature me for a week as part of their Featured Member's section!

The concept behind this website is: real (fashionable) women, putting together stylish outfits and sharing those images with the entire online community while at the same time, linking to items they're wearing in their photos.  Instead of tagging friends on Facebook, you can now tag your YSL Arty Ring on StyledOn!
The ladies that moderate the site are always sweet and complimentary (I'm looking your way Emily & Marielle); no Mean Girls cattiness allowed here.


Check me out here & here & also on their Tumblr!  :)


KatjaKCN said...

YESSSSS! You should have seen how happy I got when they did my feature on Styled on! I was in my car looking at my twitter feed & and found out that way hahaha so crazy! But it's a huge honor as well! Congrats again love :-D

xo KCN

thefashionableESQ said...

I know, I remember seeing you on there. It's so exciting. I'm so glad that you finally got your pictures out of your camera!

Melificent said...

Netty, so amazing! You must be so happy :D
Maybe I should join this site you speak of, huh?

KatjaKCN said...

Make a twitter! I want to follow you! If you already have one what is your account name??? :-D

FashionJazz said...

Thank you for your sweet email,I replied. Congrats on ur feature : )

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