Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for the Working Woman

This year, my holiday gift guide is for the working woman.  Down below, I've included tips and tricks to make your office holiday season less painful.

Finding the perfect holiday outfit can seem daunting, and when you add holiday office party into the mix? You can be left feeling overwhelmed. This post is not going to feature the typical holiday party dresses. My hope is that this will help career minded women transition from daytime working woman, to office party-ready with a few simple steps.

Of course, ideally, we would all love to go home, change, get a blowout, and then attend the office function, but when that's not an option, I hope that my tips still help you look put together.
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Tip 1: Desk Drawer Makeup Stash:  Most makeup counters will give you complimentary product samples. All you have to do is ask. Even high end makeup counters like YSL will accommodate your request.  These small, tiny makeup samples are the perfect size to keep in your desk drawer.  You can easily stash them away.  Also, keep in mind that companies like Stowaway Cosmetics, sell makeup in a tiny, portable size.  Another tip? Sephora. The checkout counter will get you every time, but you have to admit that it has the perfect small sized hairspray and lip gloss. They also sell value sets that contain small sized versions of your fave products. Lastly, I've recently fallen in love with the Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charm Set, with three perfectly packaged, luxe miniature lipsticks that are great for on-the-go touchups or desk drawer storage.

Tip 2:  The Perfect Pencil Skirt: a beautiful, fitted pencil skirt can absolutely transition from the office to the office holiday party.  I like to think of pencil skirts as a blank canvas, because you can easily build an entire outfit around them.  While a pencil skirt can obviously be office appropriate with a blazer, or a button down, you can also make it holiday-party ready by adding a few things.
  • Lose the basic office blazer - instead, try a fun top in velvet - perfect for the holidays.
  • Add an obi belt! This can add so much to an outfit, and makes the look more glamorous for evening. I like this one.

  • Think of buying your pencil skirt in a unique fabric. Try something textured, brocaded (like this one, or this one), a satin finish or velvet. Even a pencil skirt with a little added flair, like this one, can help you stand out in a sea of holiday party dresses.

Tip 3: A Statement Blazer: a good quick tip, for a holiday office party is to invest in a statement blazer that can take your look to the next level. Switch out your everyday blazer with a sequined or feathered blazer  and you're party ready. This one works because it's embellished, but not too crazy. And lastly, this beautiful tuxedo blazer by Moschino is going to have jaws dropping and is 65% off retail (hello, sale!!)

Tip 4: Roller Ball perfumes! Almost all perfumes come in a either a solid or a roller ball version. This makes them super compact and easy to carry with you. Store a few in your desk drawer so that you can freshen up before you head out. Try this gift set from Sephora, it has 15 perfume samples, and includes a certificate that you can redeem in store for a full sized bottle of your favorite. I also like Dubai, Indigo, one of the new scents from Bond No.9 (also in roller ball form).

Tip 5: Nighttime Clutch Inside of your Work Tote: Our work carry-all's are usually roomy enough to fit lots of items, including a clutch that can double as a makeup bag or take you into evening.  If you're pressed for time, switch out your makeup for the night time basics and use your clutch as your evening bag. I really like this festive, sparkly one.

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