Friday, June 12, 2015

Style File: Casual Fridays + Flats For The Office

It seems like maybe we're a bit confused, as a nation.  I must have missed the memo on what Casual Friday entails.  I'm pretty sure it does not mean that you can wear Spanx as pants, or that it's time to parade your Dolly Parton's around for all to see.  Although I rarely wear them, ballet flats can be a good option for the office on casual office days.  I personally do not like how I look in flats, but I have recently suffered a back injury and have been forced to temporarily retire my heels. In an effort stop furthering said back issues, I introduced flats into my working wardrobe.  That's why I was so happy when Mia Shoes sent over these adorable snakeprint ballet flats, the Mia Ballerina.

Mia Shoes Ballerina Flat

This boxy, kimono style top is from H&M.  I also have it in yellow as seen in this post. This style top is pretty popular now, and you can find them all over the place.  A boxy top pairs well with a more fitted bottom, like the pencil skirt I'm wearing.

Miami Fashion Blogger and lawyer NettY Del

Mia Shoes Ballet Flat
Mia Shoes snakeprint Ballerina
Miami Fashion Blogger And Lawyer Netty Del

My matte lip is by NYX Cosmetics and their matte lip creams.I'm a huge fan of NYX  These matte lip creams are under $6.00 and smell amazing.They also last a really long time. 
Workwear 9 to 5 Style for the office

Office Style Workwear

Miami Fashion blogger and lawyer
Top: H&M - similar here, here 
Hashtag Necklace c/o T'Audrey
Gorjana Honeycomb Lariat Necklace, non-lariat version here.
Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the color Prague 


Kathy said...

Just recently found your blog and am enjoying it. I agree about casual Friday sometimes being out of control with leggings and ripped jeans, or crop tops that expose too much flesh. Most customers or clients really don't want to see a person's midriff. Your crop top here works well with a high waisted skirt. And as a person with feet problems, I love that flats are now being accepted as office wear. Way overdue!

Gissi J. ( said...

Cute! I hope your back is better.

Netty D said...

It really hurts today :(

Netty D said...

Thank you! I
Hope you continue to enjoy it :)

Molly Clifton said...

You look so elegant! Even in flats ;)
Love how you paired the necklace with your top!


Kstylick said...
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The Wordy Girl said...

I live in flats...embrace them!

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