Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Forever Colors: Colorful Stackable Bracelets

bright enamel bangles that you can stack
Charriol Forever Colors bangles.
Charriol is synonymous with luxury and high quality jewelry.  This famous Swiss jewelry house has been around a long time.  To me, a brand's ability to adapt in the marketplace is what defines its longevity. Charriol has achieved that in the jewelry business.  Throughout the years, Charriol has been able to maintain a sense of timeless elegance while also continuing to evolve.  Some of their more traditional and better known styles are  cable rings and bracelets.  

The newer collections offer younger consumers an assortment of colorful options to choose from.  Some of my favorites include bangles from the Forever Colors collection; they're an arm-party dream! This new collection focuses on brightly colored, "cable knit" bangles in either bold rose golds or matte black frames. You can choose to get your bangle in a variety of different color pairings, such as cobalt blue, pistachio, or fuchsia.
metal bracelets for your arm party
Another collection that is lively and modern is the BANGLEMANIA collection designed by the company's New York based creative director, Coralie Charriol-Paul.  Paul, like most modern-day women, envisioned the bracelets worn in chunky stacks, however, the beauty of these bracelets lies in the fact that you really can just wear a single one.  You can definitely feel completely dressed up and feminine with a single bangle from the collection.  This line features more of the Celtic twists and lattice work that is a standard in Charriol pieces.
high end silver bracelets
Mixed bangles with assorted Banglemania collection.
While the bangles are my favorite, Charriol also offers an assortment of rings, necklaces, and watches. The watches are arguably Charriol's most popular pieces in production. 

For the Office: 
For my working women - for the office, I would style these with a blacks skirt suit and a rose colored flowy blouse.  I would select the more toned down colors - I would probably do a pairing of the matte black frame with charcoal and the matte black and white from the Forever Colors collection.  Hope you enjoyed this post.

cable bracelets in a variety of colors
Office friendly fashion (white on black matte // charcoal with black matte).

Charriol Forever Young collection
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