Monday, May 18, 2015

9 to 5 File: Navy Separates

Hi guys! I'm debuting my 9 to 5 Style series today! This series of workwear posts will feature more conservative, and traditional office styles on Monday.  On Friday, the outfits will be more office casual and fashion forward.

This concept is not new, but I personally developed it because of my full time job as an attorney in Miami.  I have been practicing for a little over 9 years now, and believe me when I tell you, I have seen some pretty scary outfits that people try to pass off as office appropriate.

Scooped necklines exposing cleavage? Check.  Hemlines 10 inches above the knees? Check. Sleeveless, tight dresses paraded into the courtroom? Check. Skintight leggings paired with long, untucked tunics? Check.
You would not believe what some women wear to work! 

My hope for this style series is that working women who have to go to and from the office all week, have a chance to get a bit of fashion inspiration from the posts and still dress professionally.  In between, I will still continue to show weekend outfits.

workwear miami fashion blogger

miami lawyer workwear

When I'm wearing a blazer, I don't like the look of a buttoned up collar.  Below, there are a few images that I snapped that show you the difference in looks.  Both outfits, with and without the blazer, are office ready. For the pictures where I'm wearing the blazer, I simply unbuttoned my shirt a bit, allowing it to look like a v-neck. This look is a little more traditional.  My personal preference is the shirt buttoned all the way to the top, without the blazer.

miami blogger office wear 9 to 5

I love the contrasting colors on this Altuzarra for Target Blouse.  The orchid pattern is also really cool. The extra long cuffs are great because they peak out underneath the sleeves of the blazer.

My favorite office pencil skirt is the J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt.  They come in a variety of styles, including my polka dotted version that I'm wearing.  They hit at the knee, and just like Banana Republic, J.Crew offers Tall selections if you're 5"8 or above, so that your pencil skirt doesn't turn into a mini (I love their newest style: seersucker!)

workwear 9 to 5 style miami lawyer

what to wear to the office

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Banana Republic Navy Single Button Blazer - two button navy BR option here. 40% off code BRSUMMER.
Blouse: Altuzarra x Target, old. (similar) (similar) 
Skirt: J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt  (J.Crew promo code WEEKEND for 30% off).  A less pricey navy pencil skirt option is the Sloan Pencil Skirt by Banana Republic - here.
Shoes: Banana Republic, old.
Earrings: HSN


The Wordy Girl said...

I'm loving this series! And that top is way cool.

Netty D said...

Thanks babe!

alison*elle said...

Yay, great idea for a series! I wish I could feature more workwear myself but my firm isn't too strict with a dress code.

Netty D said...

Thank you! Are you required to wear a full matchin suit on a daily basis?

Andrea Bella said...

I love the blouse! I recognized the florals because I have the dress and they're identical but it looks so classy on the blouse, I didn't even know Altuzarra had made one.
The look as a whole is killer!

Netty D said...

Oooh that dress was so pretty but didn't fit me well at all! Thanks for dropping by!

75only75 said...

Hey Netty,
I was already in love with the outfit after only seeing the blouse, skirt combo.
Then I saw the pic with the blazer and I nearly fainted, the yachting vibe is amazing. And the white collar and cuff details !

love the idea of the 9 to 5 series
I am actually doing something similar on my blog, where I feature bloggers and their office styles, which frankly is very hard to come by. Most of the style blogs advocate this crazy fashion which is just not suitable for the office.

You can check out my previous posts here Work Wardrobe Wednesday

And I have just scheduled a post with this outfit for tomorrow morning.
Hope that's okay.


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