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Silk'n Flash & Go At Home Hair Removal System Review

I have been using the Silk'n Flash & Go At Home Hair Removal System (also available at Sephorasince December.  I'm excited to review it for you today, because I really like it.

Some things you should know about me before you read the rest of this post:

  • I am literally the laziest, worst self-groomer on the planet; I cut my hair twice a year, I don't pluck my eyebrows and I hate shaving my legs. Hate, hate hate.  Wildebeest.
  • I am very fair skinned, with dark brown hair.  I shave, and right after, you can still see the follicle under the skin.
  • My skin is really sensitive and I'm prone to razor burn.
At-home laser hair removal for legs and underarms
Silk'n Flash & Go in the packaging.

The Silk'n system is really cool because it comes with an instructional DVD.  I know that you're thinking that anything that comes with an instructional guide is probably too much of a hassle to use, but it really wasn't.
I think that the company is aware that the prospect of lasering your hair off at home is a little daunting, so the video is really just to demonstrate that the product is easy and safe to use.  I liked that it was included.

Silk'n laser hair removal cartridges and refills
Front view of the laser cartridge  and 'trigger' on the Silk'n Flash & Go

I watched it and I was ready to go.  I am the ideal candidate for this because I am fair with dark hair.  Silk'n Flash & Go heats and pulses light at the root of the hair, making it difficult for it to regrow, once its zapped. They give you a money back guarantee.  You're supposed to wait two weeks in between uses, but by the time you are finished the results are supposed to be permanent.  It is safe for all areas on the body, including the arms, back, and face.  The first thing you need to do is shave before using the laser. Obviously, make sure you're dry first, don't use this thing near the water because you use it while it is plugged in.

The first time you use the Silk'n, they recommend putting it on the lowest laser setting, which I did.  You place the pointed end with the laser light cartridge pressed against your skin and you press the trigger.  You will feel a little snap, followed by a slight warm sensation.  It did not hurt on my legs at all.  If the Silk'n detects that the area is not fit for the pulse of light, it will not discharge a light pulse.  You will know when you're ready to do another area of the skin, because two lights on the machine indicate that it's ready for another round.  I did not look directly at the laser and I closed my eyes.  In the video/instructions, there is no mention of wearing protective goggles or glasses.  I know that at the dermatologist, they provide you with protective eyewear for a laser session.  The flash of light is really bright.  I finished my legs in about 25 minutes.  
Silk'n at home laser hair removal system
Left:  using the machine on my leg.
Right: top of the Silk'n, with buttons for each laser level, as well as safety indicator lights.

The underarms are completed in 40 seconds or less, because the surface area is so small.  I did feel a little discomfort when dealing with this area of the skin.  It felt like a tiny rubber band snapping against the skin.  It was not a big deal.

Pros: Immediately, after the first session, I noticed a difference in the rate of hair growth.  This was only after ONE session.  There was a significant reduction in hair growth on my legs.  There was a reduction in the amount of time in between shaves.  After the initial use, I had to shave once a week (down from once every other day).  When I kept using it, I found I could go two weeks without shaving my legs.  The Silk'n really works.  I also noticed smoother legs.  No bumps or razor burn.  Despite having sensitive skin, I did not have any redness after using the product.  I did not have discomfort when applying deodorant to my underarm area after using the product.  I have not been religious about using it every two weeks, but the times I have used it, I have noticed real results.   You also cannot beat the convenience of an at-home system.  For the cost of one professional treatment, you can get the machine and begin to do it on your own.

Middle Ground: Depending on which version of the Silk'n you go with, you may have to purchase cartridge refills.  The Silk'n Flash & Go includes one cartridge which is suppose to last through 5000 lightpulses.  Each time you press the trigger, one light pulse is used.   After that, the cartridge will no longer function, you will have to buy re-fills in order to keep the machine operable. The Silk'n Flah & Go Luxx includes 120,000 pulses and is supposed to function without the need to ever purchase refills. 

Cons: because the laser cartridge is somewhat small, it takes about 20 minutes or more to do both legs. You have to go inch by inch, down your legs.  Sometimes, is a little hard to keep track of what area you have already covered, and you're technically not supposed to laser the same area of skin twice, during one session. 

Overall: I love this little machine.  I think it really works.  I was given the product for free, to review.  I have been honest with you guys about what my experience has been.  I will say that I have read other reviews and have noticed that shaving before you use the product is a must.  Some people get lazy, and skip this step - their results are different.  Basically, follow the video, and in my opinion, this will work out great for you. 

Buy the Cartridge Refills here.
Also available at Sephora, so that you get your points! 

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