Sunday, May 22, 2011

Electric Blue Sandals

The summer heat & humidity is in full force down here!  I really should have worn something much lighter than what I did to Nat's baby shower! Setting aside my small run-in with heat stroke, I did have a chance to meet some lovely ladies, and Natalia looked gorgeous.  Congrats again, girl.  Below is what I wore: 
Fendi Pyramid Cuff
DY Classic cable bracelets.  These are getting dirty and the
polishing cloths are not cutting it.
Any tips for cleaning, girls?

This picture was taken as I snapped my ankle and tumbled into the water.
It's hard to hold a pose to get the shot just right!
You see what I go through for your people!?
Luckily, I recovered quickly and found peace in the hammock.

Lovely bruising...

Ok, that's enough of me.

Dress: Ali Ro via Bluefly 
Earrings: a present :)
Necklace: Gorjana via Shopbop
Leather and gold belt: BCBG
Shoes: Zara 
Sunglasses: Chanel


Melificent said...

The shoes!!!!!
When can I borrow them? ;)

ps; wherever you are at is adorable!
pps; I cracked up at your ankle twisting - clumsy for life!

thefashionableESQ said...

@Meli - the shoes were so affordable! Last pair at Zara! Clutz5Lyfe.

Y said...

can i be you?!

KatjaKCN said...

you fell in the pool!? Ahhh! But im sure you came out still looking fabulous of course!
Great post :-D
xo KCN

Andee Layne said...

fantastic cuff!!

Lisa said...

omgosh girl that dress is amazing!! love love love it! so beatiful the blues are gorgeous!

adore your shoes too!!

Katherine said...

omg you seriously have the best jewelry and accessories. Love everything!

cryskay said...

i adore your outfit! the dress is gorgeous; the print, the colors! xx

Petite Voyageur said...

adore these

Teresa: Life and Style said...

I have heard that you can clean and polish silver with non-whitening toothpaste and a soft bristle brush... I have never tried it, so maybe ask around if anyone has ever done it before testing it out on that super cute bracelet... good luck :)

BTW You look fab! As always :)

xo Teresa

alison*elle said...

Loveee all the bright colours in this outfit! Thanks for much for your nice comments... I love your blog and the fact that we are both lawyers! Now following you :)

P.S. hope your ankle doesn't hurt anymore!

xo, alison*elle

cryskay said...

yea i tried on AGs as well but they didnt fit as well as the houlihans did on me. xx

Oh my Dior! said...

I don't know what i love most your blog or your dress!! said...

omg doll! I'm sorry to hear about your fashionable fall! And I am now in love with that dresss!! Great pics :-)


Neris said...

I love this outfit! The dress is amazing and the shoes are to die for! Very nice blog! Happy weekend!

Fashion Fractions

Steffen said...

you have a great blog :)

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, that dress is absolutely stunning!! The colors are gorgeous! said...

Im obsessed with wrist-wear...really adorable cuff.

Lauren said...

I love your bracelets...that Fendi cuff...wowza!! You look stunning!! xoxo

Enitan said...

amazing outfit! love the shoes!

♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

hello, there! wow, the bracelet is amazing! love this look. lovely shoes--my fave color. :) your photos are amazing. :) enjoyed browsing, and am following. hoping to stay connected with your blog. cheers, and have a nice wknd!

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