Saturday, January 9, 2016

Style File: Giselle Blondet

Good morning! Giselle Blondet is a Puerto Rican actress who has a career that spans decades. She turns 52 today and remains as much of a style icon as ever.  Recently, she's been cast as the lead host for the hit Telemundo show, Big Brother (El Gran Hermano), where she will let the audience decide how she will style her outfits, hair and makeup. The majority of her outfit choices will be from designer Gustavo Arango.
Because this is such a fun concept, I thought we could decide for her, on the blog.
Below are a series of looks, broken down by clothing, hair and makeup, that she's sported in the the past. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below or by tweeting me (@FashionableESQ).

¡Buenos días! Giselle Blondet es una actriz puertorriqueña que tiene una carrera que se extiende por décadas. Hoy, cumple 52 años, y sigue siendo un icono de la moda, como siempre! Recientemente, ella fue elegida como la anfitrióna principal de la exitosa serie  El Gran Hermano, de Telemundo.  Parte de la serie incluye la participación del público.  Se le permitirá al público decidir cómo Giselle llevara su ropa, pelo y maquillaje. Agregando mas a la mezcla sera que el diseñador Gustavo Arango diseñará algunos de sus trajes para El Gran Hermano. 
Dejame saber tu look favorito! Dejame comentario o Tweet :) (@FashionableESQ)

Clothing/ Estilo: This actress has absolutely no off-duty looks (at least none she is photographed in). It's all about red carpet glamour for this beauty. 

Hair Styles/ Pelo: Giselle rarely wears her hair up (but I think she looks so pretty with it in a ponytail).

Makeup/Maquillaje: Giselle is pretty consistent with her makeup - keeping it neutral most days!

Photos from Images/Pinterest 
Which is your favorite? 
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