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Loews Hotel Miami Review and Experience

The Loews Hotel room view
The view from our room at the Loews Hotel, Miami Beach
The Loews Hotel, on 16th and Collins Avenue, on Miami Beach, hosted us for a great weekend! From the top-notch service, to the level of attention paid to detail, this hotel is not one to pass up if you're thinking of taking a trip to Miami.  You don't have to be from out of town to enjoy it, either! We had great time during our Staycation, and here is why.

Keep reading below for my full review on the Loews hotel, Miami.
Check-in was a breeze, with a large concierge and service desk centrally located.  The hotel now offers a text message concierge service.  They will send you a welcome text when you arrive, and if you need anything throughout your stay, (like your car brought by the valet), just text your request.
Clockwise: Couch in our room // fluffy pillows from the bed // the Loews Hotel lobby // bar at Lure Fishbar

Rooms: We had a partial ocean view room, with a king sized bed, bathtub, and bar.  The bedroom was tastefully decorated, with a couch in one corner, and a desk / work station in the other.

  • The bed was super plush, with soft linens, a goosedown comforter and pillows.  
  • The bathroom was great. If you're a makeup junkie, like me, you will be pleased to find a variety of lighting options for the main mirror, including vanity lights, and a lit magnifying mirror. There's also a cute night light option.  The bathroom comes equipped with a bathtub/shower combo, and a phone, in case you need to make any emergency calls, such as calling for room service - whenever the mood strikes you. 
  • Each room comes equipped with a Keurig coffee maker and complimentary coffee and tea pods, as well as creamer. 
  • Each room comes with a large closet, lots of drawer storage, and of course, a mini bar and fridge.
  • You also have two large bottles of Fiji Water but those are $9 each. 
  • Dupe for Chloe bag
    My Old Navy Saddle bag got first dibs on the bed ;) 
  • To see more photographs of the rooms at the Loews, click here.
Accommodations at the Loews Hotel in miami
Partial Ocean View Room at The Loews Hotel Miami

Pool and Beach Area:  The pool area is very kid friendly, offering on-the-hour activities for both adults and children, including ice cream hour, lemonade hour and more.  There's also a nearby shop where you can buy those inflatable flamingos, sharks and whales that every kid wants.
  • There was never waitstaff shortage.  Once you're lead to your chair, and the chair is set up for you, someone will come right over to take your drink and food order.  
  • There's a large fountain that ends up being a waterfall into the pool, and a smaller sauna pool on an upper level.  
  • There's an outside bar called The Nautilus that offers up great Pina Coladas and rum Punch. It also services the beach area, where you are met with the same great level of service.  Nothing took a long time, whether it was getting the beach chairs or food/drinks.  More on the cost of beach chair rentals down below.
  • SOAK cabana's  and daybeds are available for rentals. Click here for more info.
The Bar at the Loews Hotel
Delicious Pina Colada from the Nautilus Bar at the Loews Hotel
photos of the loews hotel miami
Beach ready! Heading out to the ocean!
Loews Hotel Miami Beach Pool
Pool time
Exhale Spa:  This is probably my favorite local spa!  For me, this is what makes a great spa experience: cleanliness, nice amenities, SILENCE and trained therapists and aestheticians.  The Exhale Spa at the Loews has all of these.
  • Showers: After spending all day at the pool, it was time to shower and wind down for my massage. The showers and locker rooms at Exhale Spa are super clean.  The showers have beautiful pebble stone tiled floors, and are individual, allowing you to lock your door and have total privacy. Showers included the standard shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
  • Massage: this was my absolute favorite part of my spa experience.  My therapists's name was Jessica.  She greeted me in the Zen Room, and lead me to the very quiet massage room on the second floor of the spa.  It was dimly lit, with very faint, relaxing music playing in the background.  I opted for the 60 minute Fusion Massage, which used a blend of oils. (Your choice of Tangerine, Lavender, Spearmint and more).  Each oil has a variety of beneficial properties, which Jessica explained.  Before we began, she asked if I had any injuries or areas of concern - I explained to her that I recently suffered a herniated disc in my lower back, and she was mindful of this throughout.  The 60 Minute Fusion massage is a full-body massage, including hands, and head/scalp.  Bonus: after about 40 minutes, Jessica heated a scented neck pillow filled with chai seeds, and applied to to my neck to help alleviate any soreness and help relax me.  She also increased, or decreased pressure throughout the massage, when prompted.  Overall, it was an A+ Experience. Love!
  • To check out all of the massage options, and browse the rest of the spa menu, click here.
  • Zen Room: The Zen Room at Exhale is great.  It's very dimly lit, the most quiet of all the local spa rooms I've experienced, and filled with goodies like teas, flavored waters, and fruit. While there are no lounge chairs, the furniture, particularly the large, plush love seats, is comfortable - especially when you're post-massage, in a very soft robe :)
Spa table with customizable body oils //spa room blinds that can be open or shut depending on your preference // zen lounge 
Lure Fishbar:  more next week when I have a full review of the Miami Spice menu and other dining options at Lure Fishbar, until then, rest assured knowing it was delicious.

  • The average price for a room at the Loews Hotel is about $380.  The 
  • Overnight Valet ends up being $43 a day.
  • A 20% service charge is included in all food and beverage purchases (but waitstaff and bartenders are all good about letting you know this up front, so that you don't "double tip."
  • Resort Amenities Package: $26 a day gets you two free beach chairs (which are otherwise $15 dollars each, umbrellas run you $30) and access to the gym (which is $10).
  • Breakfast Buffet at Preston's (on-site) is $31 a person and offers an omelette, cereal and bagel station.
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