Saturday, September 26, 2015

How to Restore Dull and Dry Hair

If you're a reader of my blog, you know that I had a horrible experience at Toni & Guy salon in Miami, before it closed it's doors for good (hallelujah). My hair has never been the same, and it's been about a year and a half since that experience.

I recently got a trim and of course, the whole thing sucked, for lack of a better word.  My stylist was appalled at the condition of my hair and how my hair did not really react well to the Lanza EMERGENCY Hair Service / restoration treatment.  I'm going back again in a month or so, to try out something else, but in the meantime, I'm attempting to restore life back into this nest.

I occasionally come across products that I feel really work for my hair - but those that I used to rely on when I had healthy hair, have taken a back seat to the products that I'm in dire need of now.  Needless to say, I'm much more vigilant when it comes to reading the list of ingredients that go into things I'm putting on my hair.

If you read the ingredient labels on your favorite hair care items, you may be surprised to find that a majority of of them contain alcohol. I was surprised to find this out because to me, alcohol is a drying.  Why would I want that? For my already dry hair? No thanks.

The more I researched the more I learned.  I learned that not all alcohol is bad for your hair.  I found out that a good, healthy "fatty alcohol" is extracted from the oil of a palm kernel.  
I also learned a good cheat sheet method - alcohol's that begin with the letters "C" and "S" are good for your hair.  

Quick science lesson: Good alcohol: Fatty Alcohols (Lauryl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Myristyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol and Behenyl alcohol).  These are naturally sourced alcohols and act as emollients. 

Bad alcohol: if you have dry hair, you want to steer clear of the alcohol's that contain the phrase "prop" in their names.  The bad list includes Isopropyl alcohol, Propanol, Propyl alcohol and SD alcohol 40. 
Overall, glycerines are good because they're emollients. Ingredients such as Glyceryl stearate, Propylene glycol, Sodium lactate, and Sodium PCA, will help your hair retain moisture. 
Did you know I was also a scientist? I bet you're impressed with me. 

Carol's Daughter recently sent over some products from their line.  I liked the moisturizing power of the Black Vanilla Hair Sheen Spray (oil) but did not like the scent or the fact that I always use too much - admittedly my fault (instructions are clear - spray 8-10 inches AWAY from your hair). 

Let's talk about what really stands out from the line!  The Sacred Tiare Anti-Frizz and Anti-Breakage Restoring Hair Mask is awesome.  This product has a long list of ingredients -  I encourage you to Google them.  There's nothing in there that's bad. It has coconut oil, shea, babbasu. Good stuff.  Again, not crazy about the scent but it's something that doesn't remain after the initial application. This really helps soften my hair and calm frizz.

Another award winning product from this line is the Hair Milk - an Allure Magazine Best of Beauty winner.  This leave-in conditioner helps fight frizz and makes hair soft.  It contains sweet almond oil, agave nectar, cocoa butter, apricot oil, and a bunch of other great stuff.  Combined, these two products from the Carol's Daughter line are helping restore my hair.

Check back in frequently! Something I love about blogging is being able to bring you honest opinions about what really works for me. I hate the fact that so many of us spend a lot of money on products, high-end or otherwise, that end up being complete duds! I encourage you to know your ingredients, and know your products. I hope that this post helped you :) Work has been so busy for me lately, but I will soon have a workwear post up with a new brand that I am loving (Brass Clothing). 

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