Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dr. Brandt Dermatology, Miami: My Experience

I love the doors that blogging has opened up for me.  Doing this has led me to meet amazing, entrepreneurial women, who have become real friends.  I have the chance to attend really fun events and test drive new skincare and beauty products.   Some the of coolest experiences have come from BirchBox because they really know how to throw a little party.

I was excited to be invited to attend a one on one consult with famed dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt.  Last Thursday evening, we visited his Miami office, across from The Village at Merrick Park (Nordstrom)

Myself, as well as a few other bloggers, had the chance to tour Dr. Brandt's Miami office.  The Miami office is one of the cornerstones of his dermatology practice.  He has been heavily involved in dermatology since the 1980's and has pioneered the cosmetology field by embracing skin sculpting, fillers, cell regeneration, cellular resurfacing and other techniques that produce aesthetic results without being surgical in nature.
This particular office  has three other resident doctors who are on staff and who are devoted members of an on-site research lab.
No other Dermatology office in the country boasts the amount of medical equipment this one has.  The office is deceptively large and because of the doctor's eye  for art, each room is uniquely decorated, featuring some sort of wall hanging or sculpture.

The impressive part about this for me was the diversity of laser equipment that this office has to offer.  I'm super fair skinned, and I can't get sun because I get exposed red blood vessels and brown spots that do not fade. It's genetic.  You can't treat this topically, so I have tried lasers to remove some of these red marks - IPL and V-Beam lasers to be exact.  These are effective but expensive.  I was happy to find that this office offers both.  I'm super excited to be getting a V-Beam treatment soon, where I'll follow up with a full review of the results.  

I hope you enjoy my pictures from the event xx

Office lobby.
Gissi J Of The Architect of Style, and myself, wearing protective goggles for a laser demo

BirchBox good-for-the-skin treats!

Above, is a photo of my "prescribed" beauty goodies.

So far, I am loving the YXX creams.  Very moisturizing, but not heavy.  The eye cream is my favorite because it feels super rich and thick  Both products contain a healthy does of antioxidants and help shield the skin against the signs of aging and free radicals.  I have not had a chance to use much else yet.  

The "Glow" product has ridiculously positive reviews on Sephora. I can't wait to start using it.
LeftA 3D imaging machine at Dr. Brandt's Miami Office.  It allows the doctor to voice the effects of before and after shots,
in great detail.  It is really cool to be able to see side by side comparison shots of your skin.
It can also be a little unnerving ;)
Right: Skin Consult with Dr. Brandt!

What I wore: 
Another straight from work outfit!

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Express White Button Down (similar)(similar)
Limited Statement Necklace (Similar) (similar)

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