Saturday, April 14, 2012

Event: Rag & Bone @ SoHo House, Miami

On Thursday night I had the opportunity to attend a Rag & Bone show @ SoHo Beach House, Miami.  The event was hosted by Saks Fifth Avenue, Bal Harbour & Ocean Drive Magazine, here in Miami.  In true MIA form, we all gathered poolside; watching the girls (and occasional guy) trot down the runway wearing vibrant and flowy teal/nectarine/electric blue pieces.  The crowd was ultra chic and this made for great people watching.  I saw some amazing outfits on and off the runway.

We got there an hour late, but luckily the show hadn't begun yet, and I was able to get a great photo spot near the edge of the pool.  The best comment of the night had to have come from a guy standing behind me, when a yellow rain coat came down the runway, he basically peed himself from excitement: "OMFG Ifuckingdieforthatjacketman,IDIE.  It's fucking $900, I fuckingdie." 

That's how I feel about clothes, too.

I love this city. 

A big, big thank you to Saks & Ocean Drive for the invite. 

Sported the bootie to the show. How unfashionable :(

Our gift bag contained a denim tote!

Bye Bye
Thank you.

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