Saturday, March 31, 2012

Design Element: The High-Low Dress

1. Michael Stars Alba Dress $168 (photo via but link is to Revolve because they have all sizes in stock). 
2. Forever 21 Sleeveless High Low Dress: $29.80.
3. Forever 21 Ruffled High Low Dress: $22.80.
4. Urban Outfitters Reverse Lattice Waist $68 - A little cowgirl, a little floral and you have to be a lot brave to wear this (the middle section is open).
5. Phoebe Couture Pleated High Low Dress $390.
6. Delias Floral High Low Dress $44.50.  I think this is the best buy out of all of my picks! The picture on the site of the dress on the model gives a much better idea of how cute this one really is.
7. Forever 21 Flounce High-Low Dress $24.80
8. Parker Ruffled Strapless Dress $262.

Did you notice how my collage is shaped like a high-low hemline.  NO?
Use your imagination :/
DVF Carsandra Dress (that's not a typo) $375, all sizes available here.

Readers: what do you think of this trend? I particularly love it on longer dresses with hems that graze the floor.  Do you feel this is a passing trend that should already just...pass? 


Despina T. said...

#2 and #5 are amazing!it's such a great these kind of dresses and skirts!

alison*elle said...

Haha, you're too funny (re: collage shape). I like the look where the high/low isn't super pronounced... those dresses where it's really short in the front and touches the ground in the back are not my faves.

xo, alison*elle

Heart of Gold said...

I love this look, I have been eyeing a mint green version at Zara. Great post!

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

I love this kind of dresses and skirts, I have some, as you can see in my blog!
I have just discovered your blog and I'm following you!
Greetings from Spain!

Mary Ann said...

Personally, I like the high-low hems. Plus, once it eventually goes out of style, you can chop off the back of the hem and have a shorter dress!

Nelah said...

I have been into dresses at the moment, find them to be so comfy, stylish and cool for the summer. Love them all.

Dale Janeé said...

OOH I really like this post so much (and you know I like this trend hehe) but I think it's such new style and #5 on here I love. Wish it was a little lower priced, but oh well. :) The floral one is so cute!

Thanks so much sharing these

Clara Turbay said...

i like so much the way you do your job here simple and fun!

lucia m said...



Life's a shoe said...

such pretty dresses, still haven't tried this high low trend yet!

Shawna said...

I haven't tried this trend yet but these are really great options. Thanks for this post!

CMA said...

i really love this, what a great blog you've got!


Kyla said...

Oooh, I definitely like this trend! I'm especially in love with #8 :)

elise said...

Love it! Totally flattering if your legs are ready for prime time!

alyson -- tagg said...

Love the high-low. Coincidentally just posted an outfit of mine on Friday with an Aqua dress. Love your last one!

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