Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cheap Finds: Target

My friends told me that I was a snob and only posted expensive things on my blog.


Here is my under $35 guide to basics from Target.

First of all, I love these brightly colored scarves! Look at how cute these are!

1. Women's Mossimo Pam Wedge: perfect braided wedge.
2. Women's Xhilaration Twyla Espadrille Wedge - these look like a pair of wedges that own. I love this tribal print.
3. Women's Xhilaration Karidee Fringe Boot: I think these are really cute and they incorporate a bit of fringe!
4. Women's Merona Brush Twill Top 
5.Target Merona Chambray Shirt - a cute work basic that's done in an updated chambray with a ruffle. This would look cute paired with white cut offs and those DV Archer Sandals that I love.
6. Mossimo Tank: I've been wearing these forever; a closet staple.

Target Wird Agate Cuff - This looks so pretty online - does anyone have this? I may have to pick this up.

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  1. LOVE the Pam wedges! Have them in gold. WANT the chambray top, but it is sold out in all sizes other than XL. Can you find us a similar one so I can BUY it? Thanks friend :)

    1. Christy,
      You have to select the color first (purple or blue) then the sizing drop down menu allows you to choose from XS - XL. I just tried it w/ an XS and it worked.
      :) Thanks for dropping by!
      The Fashionable ESQ

  2. All those scarves are so full of light and I'd love to have something like that for this upcoming spring! :)

    I'll be happy to have you and all your readers on my blog to enter my giveaway (offered by the italian brand Marakita!): you'll have a chance to win their beautiful decorated tights!

    Please, feel free to enter and tell me if you like it :)

    xo, Lara

  3. OHHHH LOVE LOVE the bright colored scarves!!

    haha no i haven't gotten my bauble bar baubles yet! :p i think because i'm in germany it's taking awhile to get to me.. can't wait to wear them :p

  4. I love #2 shoes. Target is definitely a great place to pick up a fun and wallet friendly item.

    Check out my jewelry giveaway!

  5. Great picks. Target definitely has some great pieces.

  6. I love that cuff!! Would also like to see what it looks like in person

  7. HAHAHA! Target has some great items! Love those scarves and sandals.

  8. Finally....a post for a poor esquire, like myself!!!! Can you do a top 10 under $100 post??? Maybe incorporate BR and Jcrew??? Love this blog!!!!!

  9. Yes I did get your email and I am all signed up!
    I feel like I have this same issue where I can post expensive things, hah!
    I love this set of items though, Target is great :)

    but first, coffee

  10. Ooh, I love those scarves.. such a scarf addict but I never wear them haha! Those are great wedges too- love #1 and 3.

  11. nice scarfs

    thanks for visiting my blog, hope you return soon ;-)

  12. I think you should post what you like :) but I do love Target for everything including affordable fashions. Great picks.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  13. Target does have some nice scarves! It always surprises me. Like if I don't know they sell them. But sure enough I pass by the aisle and I'm like, "OooOOo nice scarves!!!" as if I saw them for the first time. I just wish it wasn't so warm all the time in Florida so I can actually rock one or two!

    Great post!

  14. well thank your friend for these finds are great!! I love the bracelet :)

  15. i love all of your picks, especially the shoes :)


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