Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hermes Enamel

Hermes Enamel bracelets are a long-time favorite of fashion driven crowds.  They're covet worthy and gorgeous.  Aside from the enamel bangles (and gorgeous handbags), Hermes produces accessories that can make any lady stop in her tracks to gawk.  A favorite of mine is the Collier de Chein line, with cuffs and belts galore (see here).   They also make really gorgeous leather wrap bracelets, like this one. Scroll to the bottom for a list of more affordable enamel bangles, if Hermes is not quite within your budget. xx

Hermes Enamel Bracelet
Hermes Black and White Wheat Flower Enamel bangle

Balcons du Guadalquivir

Narrow Enamel Bracelet in Indian Blue and pink 
My personal favorite.
Hermes Enamel Clic Clac H Bangle

In bright pink here. 

Extra Wide Enamel Bracelet


Alphabet Russe

Grand Aparat

And all of the above. Thank you :)

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