Friday, October 14, 2016

Mac Lipsticks: Liptensity Swatch Video and Blog

mac liptensity lipstick swatches
Mac Liptensity in Mulling Spices 

I was thrilled to receive a beautiful PR package from MAC a few weeks back. Inside, were 24 of MAC's newest lipsticks - the MAC Liptensity line. Lipstenisty was created with the help of a tetrochromat. Basically, she has like 40 retinas that allow her to perceive otherwise imperceptible colors and shades. I'm exaggerating but you catch my drift. Because of this theme, upon first glance, you'll think two lipsticks are the same. In reality, once applied, the subtle color differences show up. The color range is beautiful, especially the reds.
They retail for $21 each, and are available both online and in-store. 

6 of the 24 shades are limited edition. They are: Galaxy Grey, Stallion, Life's Blood, Fireworks, Lobster, and Double Fudge.

What surprised me was that I was way more in love with the reds in this line than I was the nudes. For me, that's a big switchup. I found that the nudes were more waxy, heavier, and patchier. I was also a fan of Toast & Butter, a deep, 90's brown and Double Fudge, and even more rich, dark version.

  • A thick, heavily pigmented lipstick finish
  • Dries to a semi-matte finish, like a satin 
  • Feel a bit heavy to wear, but not drying.
  • Expansive color range (24 shades in all)
  • Long wearing 
  • Brightly pigmented
  • Exterior packaging shows lipstick color!!!
  • Shape of Bullet: I  disliked the rounded, slightly slanted tip on these. For someone with my lip shape, this made applying product around my cupids bow very challenging. I found myself going outside the lip line a lot. For dark colors like Double Fudge and Stallion and bright reds/pinks like Gumball, Lobster, and Habanero,  this was especially difficult. Use with a lip brush
  • Some colors like Hellbore, Burnt Violet, Galaxy Gray and Blue Beat were patchy
  • Staining: As these wore down, I noticed they stained my lips. I didn't mind this that much because it looked nice, but it can get annoying if you want to wear another color. 
gumball swatch by mac
Mac Liptensity Gumball Swatch

Mac Liptensity Claretcast
Mac Liptensity in Claretcast

mac liptensity marsala
Mac Liptensity swatch in Marsala

The FTC mandates disclosure of promotional products. These lipsticks were sent to me by MAC as a PR package. If you want to see more of my disclosure policy, please click here.

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