Monday, October 3, 2016

Jouviance, Affordable Skincare

Talking skin woes in today's post. I am very fair and avoid the sun because it causes discoloration in my skin. Despite wearing lots of sunscreen, I noticed that in my 30's, I started to get little brown spots after being out in the sun. They're most prominent on my forehead, close to my hairline, and the areas around the corners of my eyes. Anyone with this issue knows they're very difficult to fade absent a costly trip to the dermatologist. 

Jouviance is a Canadian skincare line sold exclusively at CVS with a more affordable price point than department stores.  They're most well known for their at-home 5% and 10% glycolic peels.

I used some of the Jouviance products consistently for about two months. My overall impression is that they're good "in betweens" meaning, you can't solely rely on them to take care of your entire skincare routine but they're good for touchups and in between visits to the dermatologist. My overall goal was brown spot discoloration. I noticed a very slight fading of the spots, but wished I would have gotten better results. 

I did like the texture changes; my skin was softer and more smooth, especially after the peels, but because I have sensitive skin, I noticed some dryness and would discontinue use and then begin again. I can also add that my skin was more firm. This was a noticeable difference. However,  did not notice a reduction in wrinkles, namely, the ones on my forehead which are the most visible. 
  • Correct Serum ($45): my favorite product that I tried. It targets dark spots and I believe this is what helped with the slight fading. Apply this product first, after washing your face, allow 1 minute to try, then apply your serum and moisturizer. I did notice some dryness. 
  • Restructiv SRD ($49): a high powered moisturizer that targets 8 signs of aging - this combined with the Correct Serum is a good combination. This contains two times the amount of pure retinol than anything else sold over the counter. It also has hyaluronic acid and peptides for evening out and firming the skin.
  • Soft Glycolic Night Peel 5% ($35):  I love a good peel. This really helped to smooth the skin out and make it glow. I did not see long standing effects from this but it helps when you have an event or want to have a good skin day. It's not drying and it did not leave lasting redness. This contains glycolic acid to smooth away dead skin cells and reveal luminous skin

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