Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nexxus New York Salon Care Hair

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A few years back, I went to a now defunct Miami salon for a clear cellophane treatment. At the time, I had routinely gotten them and they added softness and shine, without depositing color.  This particular experience, however, was so bad that two years later, my hair still hasn't recovered fully. The "treatment" stripped my hair of its natural color; significantly lightening it while simultaneously causing the texture to become brittle, dry and promoting massive breakage. As a hard working woman, I value "me" time, and those practices that help keep me looking my best.  Visits to the salon used to fall into that category but because I'm now increasingly wary, I prefer to treat my hair at home. 

In the pictures below, you can see that the darker portion of my hair is the part that has grown out- the lighter, more damaged portion is left over from the treatment. 

For these and so many other reasons, I tried the full Nexxus New York Salon Care Therappe and Humectress product line. My hope was that I'd finally find my holy-grail hair product, and also get to use it from the comfort of my own home.  Because the Nexxus brand is tried, tested and established in the industry, I knew I'd get high quality, premium results.

The Nexxus New York Salon Care products target specific hair concerns and textures. Do you find that your haircolor fades too quickly?  Then the Color Vibrancy System may be a good choice for you. Battling split ends (who isn't?), then try the Promend Repairing System.  Whatever your hair woe, Nexxus has a solution. If you've read this far, you know my hair issue: dry, straw-like texture prone to breakage. I elected to use the Nexxus Therappe and Humectress Hair Therapy System product line for two weeks.  Here is my review:

This system is broken down into 3 steps, with the Therappe Repleneshing System Shampoo being the first step. The shampoo smells like coconut because it has coconut oil. It is silicone free and also enriched with elastin protein.  I should also mention that I like this shampoo because I feel like it really cleans my hair without stripping it.

Step two is either the matching conditioner or the Humectress Caviar Complex Masque. I'm a sucker for hair masks so I have admittedly used this more than I have the conditioner. The conditioner also smells like coconuts, and contains keratin to help smooth strands.  I do prefer the masque over the conditioner because for my fine hair, I found it was a better product for detangling.  It has a really thick consistency which feels great because it coats all of your hair, but it rinses cleanly.  I feel like it really penetrates and restores the hair. My hair is super soft after I use this.
Humectress Caviar Complex Masque

Step 3 includes products that you apply when your hair is still damp from the shower.  The Humectress Luxe Lightweight Conditioning Mist is a leave-in conditioner that smells like peaches (I love the scent). This leaves my hair soft and it smells so good.  It's pretty good for detangling, too, although I have other products that are more effective at getting knots out.  What I found with this product is that it definitely made my hair more shiny and healthy looking.

If you bypass the leave-in conditioner, you can opt to try the Encapsulate Serum, with Caviar Complex. There is an interesting science behind this product. It contains concentrated oils, that condition.  These oils are encapsulated into pearls, which are suspended in the serum.  It's basically pure protein for your hair. This product is heavily fragranced, if you are someone who is sensitive to scents, you should be aware of that, other than that, this will rebuild your hair and bring it back to life.  It does not weigh hair down and leaves it soft and manageable.
Encapsulate Serum
I have only been using these products a short time but have notice a change in my hair for the better, particularly in softness and in shine.  My favorite Nexxus products are the Humectress Caviar Complex Masque and Therappe Repleneshing System Shampoo.  I also find the line is reasonably priced, with the most expensive product clocking in at $18.99 - I definitely recommend the line!

Healthier Nexxus Hair!

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