Monday, January 19, 2015

How To Wear Rain Boots featuring Joules

My local girls know that it has not stopped raining in Miami.  It rains every day.  It rains at all hours.  It rains with such force that I see Noah's Ark float by in front of my office window, on occasion.  It has rained for a consecutive 405 days this year.


...I will not let the rain affect my fashion prowess!
How to Style Rain Boots
 Joules Hunter Rain Boots Bows

Joules Hunter Bow Wellies
Hurry! Hair crisis.
Bow Back Wellies Joules Nordstrom
Joules is a very well known UK brand that's making its way to the States and they want you to know about them.  They sent over one of their most popular items: the bow-back wellies!  These guys are all over Pinterest because they're the first wellies to have bows!

'Wellies' is the term that is given to fashionable rain boots.  Aside from their popular rain boots, they also carry high quality pieces, that, for me, serve a workwear purpose.  They're US site has traditional style shirts and dresses in more updated patterns.  I think the brand is both fun and functional.

I hope you like these pictures! I am wearing The Evedon Rainboot which is also available at Nordstrom.
Joules Nordstrom Rain Boots
The truth about styling rain boots is that you can basically do whatever you want with them,and they still look cute.  In the colder climates, everyone always bundles up and wears their wellies as boots, tucked into jeans with the liners showing.  They look good styled with an anorak and skinny jeans, or A-line skirts.  I wore them Miami style, with some BR shorts.
How to Style Rain Boots

How to Style Rain Boots

How to Style Rain Boots
Photographs by Gissi J of The Architect of Style

What I'm Wearing:
Evedon Rain Boots c/o Joules
Shorts: Banana Republic Heritage Chino (40% off with code BRWEEKEND)
Striped Henley from Nordstrom (also here)
Loft Triangle necklace
Henri Bendle Luxe Line Cuff c/o Henri Bendel


  1. You look good wearing your Wellies with Shorts in fact your Wellies would go well with any outfit rain or shine.

  2. Ever since moving to San Francisco, I've worn wellies and everyone else too! Always makes me wonder why miamians don't wear them?! Love that you own these adorable ones!


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