Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Style File: Mod Cloth Style Challenge

I was asked to style the Grand Tour Guide Top by the awesome people at ModCloth.  I chose seven other ModCloth items up for grabs on their site to help complete my look.

To be honest, if I had my way, I would have chosen to do a post solely off of the adorable accessories at ModCloth.  I had no idea they were so affordable and cute!

I like this look, because I've definitely worn this look or some variation of it, in my 'real life,' though I've never posted it on the blog.
mod cloth style vintage retro

To style the Grand Tour Guide Top, I would start by keeping the sleeves long, falling at the wrists. I'd throw the Meret Stole over the blouse.  I would wear the Laud of the Rings bracelet over the long sleeves of the blouse, so that it shows, and definitely have the vintage Gild Your Reputation necklace displayed.  I love these Patterend Pachyderms Earrings, so they're coming along for this ride.  The cutest pair of high waisted olive pants would finish the look.  I like a bohemian/hippy vibe, so in my mind, I envision this outfit being really flowy, and loose - I would not tuck the blouse in all the way, but I would do a little 'half-tuck' so that I could show off the cute Take it or Leaf it Belt.  And let's be honest...I could try to pair this outfit with a shoe other than the Tell Me A Story Pump by Seychelle's, but, nothing else would ever be as retro and perfect.

Hope you enjoyed this pairing! I had fun putting it together. 
 Wish I could play dress up all the time ;) 

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  1. The elephant earrings are so cute!
    Great styling and totally i can see you in this ensemble




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