Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chroma Studio, Coral Gables Hair Salon, Miami

Good morning!
Emilee at Studio Chroma in Coral Gables reached out and invited me for a visit.   I had just gotten my bangs fixed by Karolina over at Toni & Guy that same day! It was a hair / pampering extravaganza, filled with perhaps one, too many mimosas from Angeliques European Cafe up the street.

Studio Chroma salon is across the street from the Colonade Hotel in Coral Gables at 145 Aragon Avenue.  It's a chic little spot, with clean lines and really cute accents throughout the space.  I loved the art on the walls, and Emilee explained that they function as a mini art gallery for a month or two, and then cycle more artwork through the next month.

I opted for a clear glossing treatment and blowout, while my partner in crime for the day toned up her already amazing red hair with a deeper burgundy shade which she ended up loving.
The salon carries the Pureology line as well as the L'Oreal Expert line.  I started seeing the effects of the glossing treatment right away, but more so the following days.  My hair was noticeably shinier and more soft. I have also been using the Pureology Cuticle Polisher but I am not convinced I love this product yet.  I have fine hair, but a lot of it, and I think that this product may be way too thick/dense for my hair.  I may also be using too much of it on wet hair.  I'm going to switch it up and start using way less on dry hair, to see if that does the trick. My blowout lasted about a day and a half.  By the end of the second day, I had to pick it up in a pony tail.

I highly recommend this charming salon.  The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming.  It was really clean, too.  Everyone I met there was sweet and polite.  They have a range of services, with a focus on hair color.

To book your appointment call 786-518-2920 and ask for Emilee

Miami attorney and fashion blogger
Ask for Emilee (on the left) when you book your blowout and glossing treatment :)

Miami fashion blogger hair salon

clear glossing hair treatment

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary blowout and glossing treatment as part of this post, all opinions are still my own.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful treatment, the salon looks lovely. Hope you're having a great weekend sweety.

  2. Such a beautiful salon! Wish I lived closer... I'd definitely be visiting ;)



  3. That place looks awesome - I like all the touches in decor!

  4. Hi
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  5. My Dermatologist's nurse recommended Emily to me and I must say she did not disappoint and far exceeded my expectations. She's so friendly, so agreeable and a true master of her craft. She colored my highlights in exactly the shade that I wanted. The products she used left my hair supple and manageable. She was gentle with my hair and when she was done I was ready for a night out-on-the town; all at a very affordable price. My family and I will never go to another stylist again. We found our hair guru. Thanks so much Emily!

  6. My experience was bad. I had an appointment with Erika; the salon was okay, but not impressive for the area. My consultation with Erika was not very nice and was insulting; while I understand that she thought she was being "helpful", I felt she was condescending. Erika said that it might take 3 to 4 sessions to get my hair balayage, because there was dyed in my hair and I had no virgin hair. So in the mean time I would have to look like an orange clown. Each session costs $185.00, so we are looking for an average of more or less $700.00!!! When I mentioned that that was a lot of money, her reply was "The people that come here don't have an issue with money, it seems like that is a problem for you, maybe you should not get it here"...really??? She did a strand test t and left it for 10 minutes to prove to me that my hair will be orange... of course is going to look orange, you are working with bleach! Then I said well maybe I can do one session today and the second session in two weeks, she said really quick, I won't be here in two weeks. At that point I said thank you, and just left

    1. That's horrible! So sorry for the disgusting way you were treated. I've heard that Emilee isn't at Chroma anymore. I personally had a bad experience with rudeness there (while it was only over the phone) it still left a bad taste in my mouth and I won't go back. I now go to Anton Acero Salon at 1607 Ponce - great SUPER FRIENDLY and accommodating staff. Tell them Netty sent you :


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