Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oribe La Fama, Miami + Sonia Kashuk

Oribe (pronounced Or-bey, I found out) is the high quality, professional hair care line that has established itself in the industry throughout years of tried and tested blowouts, fashion shows and photoshoots.  It's right up there in quality with the all time hair greats.

Last week, Mr. Oribe and his team orchestrated a wild show at the Fillmore Theater in Miami (the former Jackie Gleason) where droves of industry hair and makeup artists flooded the venue.  The show debuted several products that have not yet launched (one mousse in particular received a standing ovation - not kidding) and recognized salon owners and their employees who had been particularly productive in fundraising efforts throughout the year.  I loved the people watching at this event; the most creative makeup and hair combos ever!

The show was called La Fama (The Fame) and I'm actually not quite sure what to make of it.  I think I drew the line when Oribe himself drove out on stage in a Maseratti and danced with a frightened giant poodle - but that's a story for another day.
Sonia Kashuk applying makeup to a model, backstage at the Fillmore
One of the most interesting parts of the night for me was getting to see the backstage makeup process that goes on at one of these shows.  Celeb makeup artist Sonia Kashuk was backstage, granted us interviews and was so kind. Everyone knows Sonia Kashuk's line.  It has been around at Target for well over 10 years, it is the first line that I recognize as having collaborated with Target.

Kashuk stressed to us the variety and the range her products have.  You know how there are certain brands that are purely for makeup junkies and professionals? Think Sugar Pill Makeup and Kryolan? This is not that kind of line because you don't have to be a makeup artist to use the products.  She emphasized that the line is essentially buildable, a soccer mom can wear the gel liner for a movie date night with her husband or that same gel liner can be used by pro makeup artists to create a really high intensity look, as they were doing with the models at this show.  We received several Sonia Kashuk products as part of our backstage tour, which I am eager to try out.

Hope you enjoy my pictures!
Thank you for reading. 

Our gifted Kashuk products: a black gel liner, classic red lipstick, vitamin enriched primer, and falsies.

Perfect, classic red.
Posters at the Fillmore.
My Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Clear Healed Sandals.
Gift Bag - cute print!

Gift Bag swag!

Dry Conditioner Spray (Hasn't launched yet!), Curl Shaping MousseGrandiose Hair Plumping MousseSurf Comber Toussled Mousse, Dry Finishing Spray (hasn't launched yet) Dry Texturizing Spray (mini) and Anti Humidity Spray (Mini) (for us Florida girls)

Thank you to Oribe and Roxane with TL Communications 

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