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Beauty File: Makeup Forever Pro Finish + HD Foundation Giveawy

Images via Pineterest #makeupforever
A couple of months ago, Make Up For Ever (MUFE for makeup fanatics, and industry beauty junkies) sent over three full sized products for me to try out.  As you may or may not know, I am already a huge MUFE fan, and I own a lot of their products.  I had recently experienced a not-so-great skin MONTH and had vowed to only use the products in this post  until my skin got back on track.  But, then I went to a party, ran into an old friend from middle school (another Fashionable ESQ.), and you know how girls get to talking....
...I, of course, left my powder in the bathroom that night.  It was time to open and try out the Make Up For Ever products.

To put this review into context - my skin is mostly oily with the very rare, random dry areas (at times showing up on and under my nose and on my chin).  It is extremely sensitive.  I am fair; pretty light skinned, to the point where everything shows on my face.  Everything makes me red so sometimes I need more full coverage products.  I applied all of the products in this post with either a moist foundation sponge or my fingers.

I swatched the foundations for you on my fingertips, particularly because I wanted you to be able to see the difference in textures - you will see in the pictures below that the Mat Velvet foundation caught on the ridges of my fingers, which was my primary problem with it.  You will see the difference between that and the HD Foundation.  I know that this is an unusual way to go about doing this, but I don't really beauty-blog! ;)

Pro Finish Multi Use Powder Foundation : this is one of the best, if not the best powders I have ever used.  It reminds me of MAC Studio Fix but breathable and more finely milled.  It is really great for people like me who have some redness.  It offers moderate to full coverage and does really well with eliminating shine for a good portion of the day.  It blends beautifully and has good staying power.  I love that you can also use it wet, for more full coverage.  I did not find that there was any oxidizing with this product and thus no color change throughout the day.  The color selection for this product is very varied - so you get lots of options.  The powder comes with a bottom compartment that holds an applicator sponge.  I love it and it has replaced my former powder.  It can be worn alone or over concealer or a light BB cream.  It retails for $36.
Images via Pinterest #makeupforever

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Coverage Foundation (bottle reads  HD High Definition Foundation) This was not for me but I know it gets rave reviews everywhere.  It is marketed as a medium to full coverage foundation that is oil-free.  I did not find that this is medium to full coverage at all.  I did not think this covered any imperfections.  To me, this felt heavy and greasy and made me super shiny.  It is buildable but as I stated, I found it heavy to begin with so I would not really want to add an additional layer for coverage.  I think the biggest issue as to why this did not work on me is that my skin is already pretty oily to begin with; someone with less oily skin could probably really benefit from this because it is a moisturizing foundation.  The bottle has a pump dispenser but unlike other pump dispensers, I thought you could easily control the amount of product you want. I know people absolutely love this, and I am disappointed it did not work for me but,  I am giving this away in the shade 117 Marble, so it can work for you :)  It retails for $42.


Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation:   This foundation is marketed as an oil-free foundation that is water resistant, will resist shine and offers complete coverage.  I agree that this product offers great coverage, but the caveat is that you must have a really smooth surface to work with.  You can't have any dry patches, flakes, or acne because this catches onto any type of dry or uneven skin you may have, and accentuates it.  Same goes for fine lines and wrinkles, like the little crows feet you may have near your eye area.  I feel like you have to use a facial scrub right before you use this, and you should definitely use a primer, because otherwise, it will just settle.  For being 'matte' it does blend easier than I had expected, and it definitely has staying power.  I found that it dried fast, so you have to work with it quickly.  This is long wear foundation.  You can see in the photos how it caught the ridges of my fingers and settled in between the lines.  I like the bottle, because you can squeeze just the right amount of product that you need.  It retails for $36.

I tested both the Matte and the HD foundation but other than a few pumps, the products are full sized and in tact, they each hold 1.01 Fl oz.   a Rafflecopter giveaway
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