Monday, April 1, 2013

Design Element: Animal Print Tees

Because it's warming up now, it's time to put away your French Hen sweater and swap it out for a bulldog tee.   These animal motif tees are all popping up everywhere for spring, and just like with the sweaters, they can be dressed up or dressed down.  Wear them with just plain skinny jeans, a blazer and flats, or dress them up by pairing them with high waisted full skirts and heels.
Whichever way you choose, and whatever your price point, there are way too many cute options to narrow them down to just one.

And yes, I included Micky, Hello Kitty, and Snoopy, because they are all animals, and I am five. 


Top Row: Lace Bunny Tee (buy one get one 50% off ) // Penguin Tee (buy one get one 50% off ) // Moustache Mouse Mustache Tee (buy one get one 50% off)


Alissa said...

How freaking fun! I got a pair of pants that had Bambi on it, they are so comfortable and reminded me of my childhood.


I've always been a fan of those Mickey Mouse shirts!!! These are so funky and add so much character to an outfit.

Great blog, btw, would you like to follow each other?


Tracys Notebook of Style said...

I think we are both 5, LOL. because I love me some character tees! Of course I will have to pick up one of the more "adult" fox tees to balance it out ;-)


Annie said...

Loving the French bulldog tee - so cute!

The Other Side of Gray

two birds said...

i might need to have that mouse tache cute! i love this trend!

weheartbeautyblog said...

These are all so cute! I only have one or two animal tees in my collection - I'm about to hit up the mall and get more, lol.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some love! Following you on blog lovin and liked you on FB :)
xox Lara

Marlen said...

i was super in love with the animal sweaters, so i guess it only makes sense to try out the tees! i have to admit though, i almost never ever wear tees. i'm more of a blouse lady myself, though some of these prints can sway me... :)

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

anurbanexplorer said...

These tees are way too awesome! fun for spring!


Melificent said...

One of each please!!!
I have so many tees, it's becoming a problem. I had to store them in their own drawer and now it barely closes. Intervention needed.

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