Thursday, January 3, 2013

Design Element: Monogram Mania

Monogramming and initialing is on everything these days!  It seems that it's really gotten a boost in the last year or so.  My monogram love affair initially began with the Louis Vuittion Mon Monogram service.  I am a huge Vuitton fan, and their chic pieces with painted monograms? I could hardly resist. I mean, I could resist because my wallet required that I resist, but you get the point.
Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram - Left: Image from Google Images from the LV website; Right: Image from PurseBlog
The downside to monograms / initialing is there is little to no resale value in your pieces.  I know that many of you invest in bags and later on, down the road, decide to sell them.  If you're initials are on something, it obviously diminishes the marketability of the piece.  That's really the only downside I can see to this trend!

The monogram necklace/ pendant has been a huge hit in the fashion blogging community.  I own the original Jennifer Zeuner initial necklace (you know, the one that Lauren Conrad has in a larger size) and there is not a day that I wear it where I don't receive 10+ compliments on it.  Below are some cute picks that are in line with this trend.

1. Jennifer Zeuner Swirly Initial Necklace in large and medium size ( I have medium, check out this post for a size reference).
2. Miriam Merenfeld Modern Initial Necklace
3. Acrylic Block Cutout Necklace 
4. Lisa Stewart Serenity Bracelet
5. Miriam Merenfeld Modern Font Monogram Necklace
6. Monogram Iphone Case
7. Sugar Bean Jewelry Single Stud Earring
8. Monogramed Clutch from Esty for $20 from Monkey See Boutique. Adorable! (Do you guys love this idea and look or what!?).
9. Old Navy Monogrammed Sweater 

And a last minute add-in that didn't make the collage:

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