Saturday, January 19, 2013

Design Element: Heart Themed

It's no coincidence that in late January, everything that is new and adorable online is heart themed!  I'm sure this is super annoying for some of you, and if that's the case, then I'm only annoying you more right now, with this post. 
Eat your heart out. har har. 

Off topic(OT): I've been reading a lot about affiliate links and other types of monetizing technology lately.  I've been scouring through tons of commentary in posts about how some people despise the links, about how some people are indifferent and about how others' are OK with them.  What are your thoughts on this?  The Fashionable ESQ uses affiliate links (mostly RewardStyle), so that if you make a purchase from an item that I post, I may get a commission, depending on the item.  This disclosure is also in my About Me section.  Not every link I post is a commission based link.  If I like something, I post it.  If it's expensive and I like it, I post it.  If it's inexpensive and I like it, I post it.

Because I use them, I'm obviously OK with them, but I was sort of surprised to read that some people hate them so much that they 1. stop reading a blog that uses affiliate links altogether, and 2. go out of their way to bypass any link that that blogger posts, and actually Google the item themselves, so they can purchase it without giving the blogger commission.

Really? Give me a break. . .

A couple of months ago, a blogger that is much bigger than me, and snarkier, wrote a comment on my blog about how I had used a lot of "key words" in order to trigger search engines to direct site traffic to my blog.  Before she had written this, I hadn't even looked into that topic (and for the record, I still do not understand Google Adsense or Adwords, or their charts).  Her comment was couched in a passive aggressive tone and "LOL's." I looked at her blog and she uses affiliate links and has banner ads all over her site margin.  So what was her point? Why does this topic arouse such anger in people? 

Thoughts, please. 

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