Thursday, September 20, 2012

Christian Dior Haul - Vintage Jewelry Edition

The most delightful surprised landed on our doorstep a couple of weeks ago!
I should preface this by saying that there are a lot of fashionable ladies in my family.  It seems like we generally love stuff.  My aunt, in particular, has a love and affinity for collecting baubles.  She collected costume jewelry through the 90's focusing primarily on her favorite brand of the day: Christian Dior.

Then, out of the blue, she sadly developed a skin allergy to any non-precious metal!  All of her favorite pieces had to be put away and saved for a rainy day.  Boxed away for years, the trinkets were forgotten, until the day she moved out of her house and found the boxes again.

Knowing how much I love this kind of thing, she was so, so gracious, and one night, dropped off the most fantastic stuff.  The pictures do not do these guys justice. At all.

How lucky am I? 

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that was gifted to you by a family member? 

Givenchy Bracelets

Christian Dior earrings


Gold chains

Some fun and deco Dior earrings!
Vintage brooch.

Which is your favorite piece from this post?

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