Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Animal Caricature Sweaters: J.Crew French Hen Sweater

It all began with a hen.
In a window display at the J.Crew in Rockefeller Plaza, NYC.
This little J.Crew French Hen sweater sold out, fast...popping up on fashion bloggers around the world, and starting bidding wars on E-bay.
And so, the animal sweater craze began.

(Post updated as of  October, 2014)

Fox Sweater options:(hurry, these sell out fast)

This Hen sweater below is obviously a take on the coveted J. Crew French Hen Sweater.
This one is cashmere and on sale. 
JCrew French Hen
C3 Collection Grey French Hen Sweater. Adorable.

These are on super sale
C3 Collection Hippo Intarsia Sweater

Cheetah (also available in gray) /  Vero Moda Racoon ( Now on sale) /  HOOT! ($27!( (More owls here & here & here)

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