Saturday, February 18, 2012

Original Miami Antique Show, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I won tickets to the  Original Miami Antique Show courtesy of the adorable blogger, Alyson of The Average Girls Guide (TAGG).  She's a fellow Floridian blogger, like myself, and offered up the tickets on her Facebook page. Despite my recent bad luck streak, I won them.  I'd never been to the antique show, even though it's heralded as the largest in the country?

The majority of the items we saw were jewels! There were gorgeous inlaid furniture pieces, pretty vases and some vintage Chanel's but the pictures I snapped were mostly of jewelry.

A rude twenty-something told me that I "should really ask permission, just so you know, I don't care, but everyone else will care, if you're going to take a picture." My plight.

More pictures under the link. 

When I first started my blog, I think I posted a picture of this EXACT bracelet. It was amazing to see it in person.

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littlemissandrea said...

Oh my gosh, so many of those pieces are so intricate & beautiful. How gorgeous are those necklaces?! My favourite is definitely the star fish! Hope you had lots of fun!

Lovely B. said...

I love the blue star earrings! :) I haven't been to an antique shop or shop or whatever. You are so lucky! Great items :) Visit my blog too!

Katherine said...

Wow there are so many amazing items! How cool that you got to see the same exact bracelet - thank you for sharing, the photos were gorgeous!

Angela Marie said...

Such gorgeous pieces!! I want them all! :)
& I love your blog, I will definitely be following!

Erika said...

wooow, die for these pieces.

My Free Choice

Staff Piusc said...

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