Thursday, November 3, 2011

CasaIdeas, Miami

Last weekend the blog (me) was invited to tour the new Casaideas store in Sunset Place.  Casaideas is a home goods store with an emphasis's hard to say actually.  There was so much going in there!  You can basically get anything from a shower curtain to a cute notebook to an adorable woven basket for your magazines. The store is pretty big, with an entire upper level dedicated to children's items.

I believe the store originated in Chile and there are stores in Columbia and Peru, but the Miami store is the first in the US!  They have a a wide variety of kitchen products like spatulas, timers, and trays.  They also have a large selection of items for the bath, like mats, shower curtains, and shower caps.  I saw a patio umbrella for sale.  I also saw stuffed toys for kids.  I'm telling you - everything.  As far as the pricing was concerned, I thought it was all pretty reasonably priced.

Enjoy the snapshots I took while we toured Casaideas (picture heavy post).

Very cute woven basket.

A row of woven storage boxes.

Drawer pulls.

Adorable embroidered pillow!

Vinyl storage bins. A favorite of mine.

One of my favorite displays. I loved the colors on this. 

Cute notebook, which I picked up for myself ;)


Apple pies and foxes? love.

Owl Post-Its!

Colorful trays.
I use trays for everything from holding perfume bottles to holding jewelry.
I picked this one up.

At the end of the tour we got giftbags with Casaideas items, which was such a nice surprise. 
 A big thank you to the Casaideas team! 


milunayena said...

You can get me ANYTHING from here.... ;)

Cosmopolitan Diva said...

I also bought a notebook from there when they first opened ;-)

alison*elle said...

So many bright and colourful prints! It really looks like you can get anything there!

xo, alison*elle

Jamie-Leigh said...

Everything is Soo Cute :D

The Blonde @ Stylish3 said...

Wow! Looks like lots of good stuff. I especially like those storage bins.

ckd esq said...

I discovered this store last week on Black Friday and the only thing that pissed me off is that I didn't know about this store before!! Wow, i absolutely fell in deep love. I want to live there. I went on Black Friday and Saturday and got tons of great deals for Christmas (and myself!) They have it all.

- Christy (from Rier's office) :)

Victoria said...

I went there and bought a pair of the cutest fuzzy socks you'll ever see. I loved the store ! <3

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