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The Fashionable ESQ (Esquire) was born in January of 2011 out of a love for everything fashion and photography related.  I started my blog with the hopes of having an outlet for the part of me that's creative. So far, so good, right? On January 30th, The Fashionable ESQ turned 8!

I'm a full-time, practicing attorney, based in Miami, Florida.

I have an eclectic sense of style, ranging from polished and structured suits to boyfriend jeans. I was born and raised in Miami and love the city.  I collaborate with with local businesses, boutiques and charities, hotels and restaurants.  I also work with both national and international clothing and beauty brands.  I've worked with automotive brands as well -  selected to be the Miami ambassador for Genesis G90 launch in Vancouver, BC.

We are expecting our first baby in July of 2019.  We can't wait and are excited for the future with what's sure to be a wild child, true to Dad's form.

I love my little corner on the internet and the doors that it's opened.  Thank you for reading and for your continued support. Always.


1. What camera do you use to shoot your pictures? 

I shoot with an older model Canon DSLR (the Canon T2i) but have a great portrait lens: the Canon fixed EF,1.4, 50 mm lens.  For my on-the-go, travel photos, videos,  and macro product shots, I reach for my  Olympus OM-D EM-10 Mark ii.

2.  Is Netty your real name? 

Netty is not my real name.  I blog under Netty and use it for all media purposes. 

3. Another lawyer fashion blogger, yay! What kind of law do you practice?
I recently transitioned into the civil sector. I practice first-party insurance property law in Miami - I am on the side of the homeowner (plaintiff). This means that when the insurance company does not pay, or under-pays your property claim, we file a lawsuit on your behalf to get you paid. I work at Marin, Eljaiek, Lopez and Martinez. 

Privacy/Disclosure Policy and Adherence to FTC Guidelines:
The Fashionable ESQ values its readers and their privacy. I will not sell any of your personal information (for example, when obtained through giveaways).  In some cases, The Fashionable ESQ uses affiliate programs to monetize content.  If you click on a link to make a purchase or get more content, it may result in a commission for the blog. You can always email me with any questions or concerns, and please know that sincere, honest content is paramount. 

The Fashionable ESQ does not give preferential treatment to affiliates when considering items for editorial content.  Whenever a post is sponsored by a brand, and I have received compensation, (monetary or otherwise), it will be disclosed in my blog posts and the rest of my social media channels.  You can identify a sponsored post when you see the hashtags #spon #sponsored and/ or #ad, in the post.  Items that are given to me by a company, PR firm, or brand are labeled as "c/o" which means "courtesy of."


  1. Thanks for saying lawyers are fashionable too :-) When I started practicing in Florida too I thought I could only wear black and white...nope! Purple skirts to work it is :-)


  2. Great reading more about you!!

  3. As a fellow fashion lover and ESQ I appreciate your style. My office is pretty relaxed, so I feel lucky to be able to wear (almost) anything I want.

    Jessica @

  4. So great to learn more about you! Glad I found your blog. :)

  5. Love the tux pants, so chic and modern perfect work outfit.

  6. I am also a lawyer who loves fashion. We are in South Beach for NYE and I plan to try Izzy's Fish and Oyster Bar after reading your post! Do you have any other South Beach recs? Happy New Year from one fashionable esq to another. Stay Spunky!

    1. Hi!!! Shoot me an email so we can chat and I can give you some recs! At Izzy's, have the Lobster Poutine :)

  7. AnonymousJune 03, 2017

    Netty, I need to get in touch with you regarding a case of Facebook fake identity which used your photos - is there an email I can write to ?


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